Monday, April 2, 2012

comparison and children. not at all related.

when i started reading this post, i had some thoughts running around in my head.
i then remembered that this is kind of what blogging is for. hah. write your thoughts and learning curves out.
beauty and body image: there is a war going on for your mind.
there's that comparison to other bodies and intellects, the resistance and struggle to be okay with being yourself, exactly how you look and who you're growing to be in your soul.
then there's the comparison of friends and bloggers where some seem a different sort of perfect. like erika wrote about in this guest post of hers on another sweet blog.
but that's different.
it's more a wondering sometimes if you're documenting your beautiful, simple life . . . trying out new things, taking breaks from other things, learning new things. because you know it; us bloggers learn a lot of stuff from each other. including the fact that we're not alone.
so even though billboards and blogs have that comparison thing in common, one is a a completely unreal conformity issue, and the other is more of a thinking issue, i believe. because we can choose to be real and not just write about all the things we're good at, and post only the pictures that are blog-worthy, and let it out that we sometimes have no clue what we're doing or that we're having a freaking bad day, but then at least we're. not. alone.

on another note, i went to a whole foods market [for my first time in years] the other night with martha, nancy and my sister anna, before going swing dancing.
i thought i was seeing things when i read the price for these 14oz canisters of whole bean coffee by three beans coffee: $4.99 for 14oz, are you kidding me? dark, medium and light roast. i got one can of medium and one can of light, since i like being careful about dark roasts; some people don't do dark roast well at all. :P
so it's a chilly day, i'm drinking some freshly brewed medium roast from that night, and i do believe i'm going to paint.
or figure out what to make for lunch.
i don't know.
i had buttered toast and coffee for breakfast, and i laughed and told rach that i felt like an old person.
"well, you're kinda missing one thing."
"well, if you're old, and all that time has gone by....ya're missing one thing right now."
"um....? someone or something? i don't get what you're trying to say."
"mhmm. true." 

also, there's a four year old boy right now in our kitchen, and he's obsessed with finding all the dominoes in one of *those* know the kind. the one with everything in it. ;)
needless to say, he's having fun. it's a challenge. haha.

this is him, danny, friday. he was ridiculously tired because he didn't sleep during his nap-time hour after lunch. hah.
cutest thing ever, a sleeping child. :)


Samantha said...

Tis funny what Rachel said! Siblings (I have found) can be so up-front about 'you-should-get-married!' as younger ones, but as they get older its a game...mention it without saying it. ;)
Whole Foods is pretty amazing!

ladaisi said...

A perfectly lovely post, Beka.
I think I have made more friends blogging than in real life, haha.
Plus I love it that we can be honest about who we are.
I also love Whole Foods.


- Lauren

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chambanachik said...

I don't think there is even a Whole Foods in Illinois...maybe Chicago. :)

How is Danny and that situation?

And yes- not being alone. Exactly.