Tuesday, April 10, 2012

wedding rings.

so, a cup of jo did a post.
i loved it.
i've never been the blingy-loving, wear-pink-at-every-chance, drawn-to-sparkles-like-a-bee-to-honey type of girl.

with that said, i kind of fell in love with this ring by st. kilda jewelry.
but i'd love something like it in white gold or something.
i've never been one for yellow gold.

or sparkly rocks like mountains on my finger.
i like simple lines.
simple beauty.
it's just . . . what i love.

someday, someday, someday.

[originally written on september 9, 2011]

.....i'm clearing out my drafts [april 10 2012] and found this.
wow. just...wow. :)


charla beth said...


Hanna said...

Totes agree about not being a fan of yellow gold.
Something about it does not draw my eye the same way that silver and white gold do.

chambanachik said...

:) And your ring is perfection.

Diana Palka said...


(totally feel the same way. not a huge fan of bling. this is pure, understated beauty!)

thanks for sharing :)


Amanda said...

The ring is perfect!