Saturday, April 21, 2012

my saturday.

this child...
woke up this morning with crazier hair than i've ever seen on him before.

[and no, not mine, for those of you who don't know. i'm still working on a "the peoples" about list so you all can see the important people in my life listed there with pictures and a little description and all that jazz....]
it's probably because his mum bought gel for his hair the other day, and he had some in yesterday....he's never had this crazy bed-head look that bad before.
it was a gorgeous, chilly morning. 
the scarf and hoodie kind of day.

those earrings are my favorite.
and gray is one of my most favorite colors.
and.....burt's bees lip color is pretty awesome.
i wore a touch of deeper color for the special night of vintagey-themed, live-band swing dancing at the art museum last night, and i decided i kinda liked it and wore it again today.
in the awesome women's loo with the full wall of a resort place for a conference.
gotta love sisters.

all the ladies in our family [mom, anna, me, rach and lyd] went out to lunch at this really awesome place...then hoppity-skipped next door to the cute little bakery....obviously, i got lemon poppyseed tea cake. and a small regular coffee. alterra.
we came home, and after i talked to justin for a few minutes on the phone, i crashed into this thing called a . . . a . . . nap. yeah. i think that's what it's called. it's where you close your eyes and everything disappears and goes foggy and it's like this really really wonderful thing, especially if you stayed out till 12:30 swing dancing with awesome friends [a post with tons of pics coming soon] and getting home at 1:30 and going to sleep by 2:30 and waking for the day on a saturday at 7:30 . . .
naps are wonderful things. :)

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