Thursday, April 5, 2012

yeah, today could be called a productive day. :P

by 8 o'clock, so far i've woken to my favorite person's voice, showered, started my laundry in the washer, organized/cleaned half the main level, started the coffee brewing, printed off music to practice [this song, for this sunday], cleaned the main level bathroom, and dropped an uncovered toothpaste into the toilet's clean water.
scarred for life, i am.
i only stared at the atrocity for about 5 seconds, said one word [shiz!] and promptly grabbed something to grab the toothpaste with.
a lovely morning, dontcha think? ;)

mom always has told us to close the toilet before opening the cupboard...
i think i have learned my lesson for good now.

oh, i just remembered --also, one of the few dreams i had this morning, was a lesson taught by some vague celebrity guy [don't remember his name or any details] on how to properly scrub and clean a toilet.
what's up with that?
rach and i have been trading and teasing phrases and patronizing comments between each other about the ratio of boys vs. girls either of us may have someday.
anna just took reese [3] and danny [4] to the park. when she announced the occasion to them, they started to go crazy.
boys just...go crazy.

anna, as she was getting ready, made a comment like "i'm having only girls someday."
i laughed.
rachel: "you know, i can see you with more boys than girls someday."
me: "you know, i can see you with a ton more boys than girls someday. yep. i can see it. totally."
rach: "how do you see it? i don't think i have the ability to handle lots of boys, much less raise them right!"
me: "oh...i just see it." i laughed.
rach: "i don't think i could handle it. i'd cry."
me: "nah. you'd love it. because they'd all look like your husband and you." wink, wink.
[just a btw, she's only 15 and and this is all teasing and there is no guy decided for her. option that i think is grand and amusing. but let's see and give it 5-7 more years. hahahahahaha.]
rach: snort. "you're gonna have all boys, i just know it!"
me: sigh. shaking my head. "yeah. right. i don't think so."
rach: "aww, don't worry, you'll love it, because you'll just be so happy to have another little blessing." wink, wink.
oh boy.
i'll just let the conversation end there.

a nap, laundry done, sun looking beautiful in the sky, and minestrone soup in the making for dinner.
our church ladies' book club tonight is meeting at caribou coffee to discuss the book the magic of ordinary days, my favorite person is on his way up from southern illinois to spend the weekend up here, and you probably won't read anything from me until monday.
or later.
who knows.
i hope you all have a beautiful easter weekend! ♥


Alyssa Lentsch said...
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Alyssa Lentsch said...

I think you'll have more boys too. They are kinda awesome, of course I'm a little biased.