Tuesday, April 10, 2012

reminiscing summer 2011.

i'm way back in august 2011 now, backing up pictures.
it reminds me that i didn't get to take pictures at the josh groban concert. :(

sad day. i had forgotten.
oh, the height issue i have.
i hate heights. especially with concrete.
wow. life was so different how many months ago.
it's all so good though. :)

and just a few days later, august 12...up north.
coffee and milk.

i love that film, the shop around the corner.
still have yet to see its later counterpart, you've got mail.
dang. living on the river was awesome for that half of a week.
i try to be funny.
bonfires at sunset time by the river = gorgeous.

cave point. ♥ that place.

ah, up north. peninsulas are exciting places. especially in the off-season, when all the people you see are shop people and grandparent-aged people who live up there.
which is fine with me.
it's gorgeous up there, and it helps that the places aren't clogged with tourists when we go, so we can enjoy it more.
yay for summery van reflection portraits. hah.

the book that took me forever to read.
that was a fun night. the weather couldn't be better; our family walked up and down the water as the sun set....
it was awesome. :)

there's something about being by the water. golly.

♥ sisters.

at a coffee shop named, simply, drink coffee.

a long bike ride back to the campgrounds with the family....
august 30...getting near the end. little jillian. wow, her face. :)
waiting for everyone else to be ready to get out of there.
that ledge is where a daddy long leg met me. *shudder*
ohhhh man, we're too fun.
it's great sharing a bed with rach. super mucho fun to tent with the brothers while the rest of the family camps in the trailer.
we read till we're tired, we laugh and talk and fall asleep to the sound of the outdoors. sometimes, if it's not overcast, we leave the top tarp piece open so just a thin screen separates us from the wide open sky. you wake up to weird bugs sitting on the screen and the early morning sun shining in the nearest wall.
well, that's all the mountain i'll post for summer '11 right now. hah.


Stephanie said...

Sweet memories! Hooray for coffee, camping, and friends :) You should watch You've Got Mail...so good. I've been wanting to see The Shop Around the Corner!

Natalie said...


Christina said...

I've got the height issues too!

You really do need to watch You've Got Mail!!!