Friday, April 13, 2012

danny boy.

this little boy has been my buddy the past few days.
through the 3+ years we've been watching him, [he's obviously been unofficially adopted into our family], and he's gone through phases of making different siblings his favorite person.
lately it's been me.
for a long while there, it was rachel.
before that, it was ben and me.
and before that, it was rachel again.
he wants to do virtually everything with me.
cook. bake. clean. put aprons on. paint with watercolors. watch movies with a snuggly blanket. and, when his mom can't make it, read stories at bedtime.

last night, anna, ben and i went to martha's house to learn and practice different swing dance moves in her barn, and we had a visitation to go to beforehand. danny wanted to be by me about every minute. and then when we were leaving in a separate car, he started crying and saying he didn't like "tomorrow" when i said i'd see him in the morning. i knew we'd be home late.
poor sweetie.

...btw, someone in singapore googled "idiosyncrasy" and found my blog. um.
this post.
i guess i was asking for it.


Alyssa Lentsch said...

It was me...I was in singapore last night....

chambanachik said...

<3 I love that you guys have another honorary brother.