Monday, June 14, 2010

artistic endeavors: a dousing, anyone? [douse: drench, saturate]

Now, I've never done such a thing before, but I'm going to do something fun.
I mean, geeky.
The word douse, if you will, my loyal pupils. We will delve into the meaning and funny synonyms of the word. Let us read the explaining-away of it. ;)     

Part of Speech:     
drench, extinguish with liquid
blow out, deluge, drown, duck, dunk, immerse, plunge, put out, quench, saturate, slop, slosh, smother, snuff, snuff out, soak, sop, souse, spatter, splash, splatter, squench, steep, submerge, submerse, wet
douse first meant 'knock, punch, strike' and now means 'to extinguish or wet thoroughly; dowse means to look for water or minerals with a divining rod
Last night I found out the last name is spelled Guillemets. Not Guillemeta. Sheesh. I don't know how I missed it, or else it was someone else's mis-type. Now I'll just be waiting for her original site to turn up spelling her name Guillemette or something like that. Ha.
Yes, I've mixed it up, this natural-lighting thing; I stepped out the front door instead. ;)
Today should be interesting. Submitting my self to culture shock and spending money. There's a stiff maybe on that last part. I'll be looking for summery dresses under $20 anywhere we happen to be. I prefer not to drain my money. As in, a bridesmaid dress is probably the first thing in my life that I'll buy over $40. I save my greenbacks for more pressing needs. I've got a ton of clothes already:)
So. Summer dresses. Short sleeve shirts. Eh, we'll put a tank on the list. 
This one is mine. I had to paint over the words and repaint because I was scatterminded and penciled the words the first time through. 
Lesson learned: freehand is the way to go for me.
This was June 2. Golly. How long ago.
Well, the coffee's done brewing, already showered, and off to get Grammy and the rest of the peoples up.
Have a lovely Monday! ;)
It totally doesn't feel like a Monday to me... how odd:)
And just to say it, I almost missed blogging this weekend. But nothing new or intersting broke into my thoughts with inspiration until this afternoon's humiliation....
Last night was something to write home about, if I lived far away. (snort)
Two chocolate bars and $4.17 later, a bike ride home with Dad and Lyd --to the post office and grocery-- proved to be quite efficient in lowering self esteem of any sort.
Just trying to be honest here, folks. Four words: automatic door, wrong direction. Ugh.
Um. Yeah. I didn't walk into the door, but when you're coming out of the grocery stores into the cart room, there are two ways to turn: to the right is the exit for where we rested our bikes against the side of the building.
To the left is the exit in the opposite direction; to the parking lot.
Where did I need to go? Hmmm. Let's think. And let's just say that seeing a guy that's a bit more than tolerable in the fine-looking department doesn't help your brain remember such things. 
Let's mention that I haven't been to the grocery store in probably 6 months. But we're talking about the ones here in our town, not the bigger D-town a few minutes away, with more sales and everything where, consequently, we shop more often.
So...ya just gotta love some humiliation sometimes, y'know? It's just lovely.
I'm sure someone else has a story they'd be willing to share.
Come on, dish it. ;) 
Oh yes, and have a wonderful Monday. I'll be back.


Jen said...

Hmm...embarassing. How's about every joke ever told in Kenya. Nearly everyone had to explain their jokes and sarcasm to me...I know I'm blonde and too trusting--thus I take everything literally. Haha, but one thing this trip taught me is how incredibly dense I can be. :)
But that's okay, achieving sarcasm awareness and ability isn't necessarily my highes goal in life, haha.

beka said...

Ha, thanks dear. :) hugs!

The Paper Mama said...

Oh man. I'm clumsy and tend to trip or run into things in front of lovely looking guys. :) Yay!