Friday, June 11, 2010

today... and hummus recipe

Today has been a day of:
brewing coffee
washing dishes
drinking coffee
reading blogs
not making lunch and leaving them to fend for themselves for a hodge-podge lunch
cleaning the kitchen
eating garlic naan bread from Trader Joe's (ohmagosh that's the best naan I've tasted so far)
drinking water for hydration purposes
thinking of painting, and enjoying the air-conditioned conditions of the house I live in.
I don't live outside, like my siblings do.
Oh, yes. 
Add eating watermelon to that list.
No one looks even half as cute as Reese when they get messy. No one. The children Anna nannies:)
What a Mary Poppins. Y'know...the umbrella. 
I hear screams outside, the children and siblings cheering for Ben or Caleb, who are riding the dirt bike. It looks something like this. Don't know if this is the right one, but it'll do.
Yes, it makes noise. The boys fixed it up. They've got them some brains. The type I don't have. Heh heh.
The other day. ^ Thank you for the coffeemaker, M family! ;)
Oh, here. I made hummus yesterday for lunch --we eat it with various things. Chips. Slices of pepper. Pita bread. Veggies of all sorts.
 [Top right: Making coffee in a coffeemaker for the first time in....a while:) Quite exciting. hehe. Bottom left: Anna made Tia's berry cobbler the other night, and it went over pretty darn well;)]
Garbanzo beans, aka chickpeas, are the main ingredient, if you didn't know.
We like putting the chili garlic paste in as a good little kick.
Two of those cans right there --you only want the juice of one can.
A tablespoon or two of olive oil.
1/2 a teaspoon of the chili paste if you're shy or 2 teaspoons if you're not. You don't have to put that part in. You can use a different seasoning if you really want.
Then, a teaspoon, more or less, of salt.
A squeeze of lemon juice if you want. 
Blend that stuff up until it's smooth, or leave it with a bit of texture, and it's ready to dip into.
Have a lovely Friday night:) 

Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, 
and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.
[St. Augustine]


Jen said...

Humma humma hummus...yum! :) I had some Lebaneese (sp?) hummus while in Kenya--it was good stuff. It had chives and loooots of chili stuff. But tasty!
Sammi and Reese are getting so big, oh my goodness!

I've been meaning to tell you (if I haven't already)...that your blogs with your special Beka style and pictures of food and home make me feel like I'm at your house. I can almost smell supper cooking, and hear the children and Grammy.
Makes me miss you anyways. :)

{Amy} said...

oh, i love hummus beka....yum! now i'm craving some. instead i am going to pop popcorn for the kids and we are going to watch a movie, have a great weekend!

Mrs. Bement said...

What a perfect day! :)

Yellow House said...

Hummus and Naan? YUM! I was just at Trader Joes too... and now I am regretting not buying either of those things! Looks like a great Friday!

Chana said...

That little boy is just too cute! Great pics as always my dear:) And this recipe is going to get used a ton this summer...this weekend in fact!

Christopher And Tia said...

Never a dull day, over there, is it? :)

Bekah Leanne said...

You always make such "exotic" seeming makes my simple Asian and Italian dishes pale in comparison. :) But I love looking at the pictures, for sure.

Alisha said...

Hi from your newest follower! I just love your words on your blog header. So true. I need to remind myself of that more often! Thanks for doing it for me! ;)

Christina said...

yum yum yum hummus! Those children are adorable!

heather said...

Hummus rocks!! ;)