Tuesday, June 15, 2010

artistic endeavors: for sarah

It's a-raining today.
It's 70 degrees and no wind.
We have friends coming over in a few hours--Heather, Steph, Ryan (her younger bro, Caleb's age) and who knows who else:) One thing different from other times is that we're having the food critics make dinner. It's going to be breakfast food, I hear. Because they just rock at making breakfast food.
Not lasagna.
Not spaghetti.
Not even mac 'n' cheese, peoples!
Caleb's making pancakes. I hear Ryan's making coffee cake for dessert.
Now, that has me cracking up --I have yet to meet a male who makes coffee cake. Well, except for well-known cooks/chefs. But normal men and boys? Haven't seen one yet.
Tonight's going to special, indeed!
There's supposed to be a softball game tonight, like every Tuesday night.
And it's raining. Wait. It stopped to a drizzle! There is hope yet! If it's too wet, it'll be canceled, and we'll stay home, Anna and Heather will scrapbook while we eat scones and drink coffee and talk and laugh. And discuss the Bible study we're in the middle of.

Now, the eve of the day I painted this one, Anna made cinnamon rolls.
Not just any cinnamon rolls, though. Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls. (and gosh is it a pain to type cinnamon rolls three times in a row! gah!) 
Oh goodness. I liked the ones without the glaze/frosting...and I had two.
Salivating yet? Had to get the temptation pictures out of the way. ;) Here's the recipe. For those of you weak in self control. ;) Or in need of gaining a few pounds, like yours truly.
What I want to know is, how does she take such wonderful step-by-step pictures if she makes it...unless she always has that wonderful friend over when she makes and shoots a recipe for the site. Who knows.
Okay, so I painted this May 25. Wow. I had to hold out for a while because Sarah reads my blog when she can...so I wanted it to be a surprise, ya see;)
Inbetween all this--I have to mention Christina at Consider the Coffee is having a giveaway! I love the piece she's putting up for it. :) I've never had a heart locket necklave before, and I've always found them so pretty, elegant, and sentimental. Slightly Anne of Green Gables. Hehe. Wait. That's a broach, not a locket, isn't it?
Nevermind. :)
Oh, and here's her Etsy shop, if you want to check out her lovely stuff:)
Now, just to be satisfactorily random, I really like this.
I think it's awesome when a man cooks. Loves his family. And loves God.
I mean, take a look at this herb roasted whole chicken! Talent, I say! Talent!!
Oh my dear.
I need one. I mean it.
I mean...

Here's his original site. I haven't read it for awhile, but gosh did I get a lot out of his Matrix post.
So....methinks it looks pretty decent, aye? ;)

This is my 163rd post.
I have decided that something special needs to happen when I hit 200.
I mean, 100 already passed, so I'll take the next bus, 'kay? :]

Ha! I've been exploring Ree's site (Pioneer Woman Cooks) and found this.
Read it. Think. Laugh if you must, or if you identify. ;)

And ya know what? Sometimes we just have to hit thing in the middle and roll with 'em.
Because, in the much-needed chapter of the aforementioned study (see way-way-way above) I worked on last night, I was learning about who God is versus/related to what He does. And why. Hmmmm. So many why's in life. And then there's the word trust. Trust in who He is. Who He's shown himself to be.
By the way: it's 2:48pm, the game is at 6 tonight, and there is no way the field is going to be dry enough to play.
Scrapbooking torture, lovely scones and coffee, here Steph and I come. We'll watch Anna and Heather draw their creativeness out with that wonderful craft. ;)


Christina said...

Oh my word, those cinnamon rolls look way too good. I am trying to LOSE weight! LOL But even so, once in awhile a treat is in order! ;)

Nice painting! It's refreshing to read your blog and your love for the Lord really shines through. Keep it up girlie!! :)

Yellow House said...

Oh wow! The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls? I am drooling already!! I actually thought about trying those out this week on my baking spree, but wasnt sure how long it would take for the yeast to rise. Were they amazing? Do I need to make some tomorrow??? :)

heather said...

'Twas a lovely evening last night dear. Don't think you were tortured tooo much. Love my share painting, by the way. It rocks...and so was all that awesome java last night! Wohoo!! ;)