Sunday, June 6, 2010

artistic endeavors: aka plain night sky #2

Okay, so I cheated. I wrote this up this Friday, but forgot about it all Saturday as we had a friend's wedding to go to, do sound booth for, and take pictures throughout. :)

On a lovely Friday afternoon, I created this:
What art. What passion. What color.
What a yogurt cover.
Now that, my dear bloggy friends, is art.
That, my dear friends, is a night sky in the making.
Now, this is just a random one of the front of the front door, which if you must know, I painted when I was around 13-14... Half a decade ago. :D
Some of you are feeling very old right now, my guess is.
Anyhow. let's get to the real stuff.
I went outside to finish it, which I've never done before --surprising, right?
It wasn't burning hot on that day, nor was it terribly humid, thank goodness.
This is what I look like sometimes while painting.
I get it on myself.
Who doesn't?
Raise your hand, you perfect, unimaginable person.
Here it is. Finished. I love it hanging on the wall.
And there you've got an eyeful of freckles and an odd-shaped birthmark at the edge of my eye. And more paint. 
Here's a closer-upper look.
It's a much darker blue than it appears here.
Later that night, Danny fell asleep in my lap as we sat and watched Ben make stuff with wood out in the shop. Gosh, it's been too long since he's stayed in my arms without squirming--much less fall asleep!

Okay, well, that's all for today. I'm off to read.
I finished This Fine Life by Eva Marie Everson last night --er, this morning around 1:30am. Hehe. It was really good..I liked it quite a bit. It wasn't pigeon-holed romance or historical fiction or anything, resulting in a nice, well-blended story.
Indivisible, I'm kind of looking forward to, as it's the first book Kristen's written in probably 3 years. The book trailer is a bit suspenseful/creepy, so we'll see how much I sleep once I start it. (meaning, I'll be up late; not that mysterious books keep me awake after I turn off the light to sleep)
Miss Match, that's the first in a series of three, and coffee is involved. Erynn Mangum is a new author, so I'm excited for that...getting to know another writing style and story from someone relatively new in the writing world.
Now, the Nowhere, Carolina book is by the author who wrote Splitting Harriet and Faking Grace, which I especially liked:)

Okay. So I'm done with my little preview of books. Inbetween reading, I'm working on Heather dear's Share A Random Moment, and enjoying the lovely day it is outside, sunny, not-too-warm with our lovely 74 degrees, (yes, I'm thinking of you, Tia, and hoping there will be a let-up of the heat TX is sure to have right now!) sky open with clouds here and there, and a breeze. Not to mention sipping my thermos of cold coffee that I brewed this morning before church.

I'm going to stop bugging you with these lovely details. I promise.
So I hope y'all have a lovely end of the weekend, and feel free to leave a novel of a comment --it doesn't have to be about the painting. Just be random:)


J.J. said...

how soothing...

the art...the sleeping..and the books!!!

Abbie said...

Love the painting - as always! You inspire me to get into it... some day. If only I had like, 500 extra hours in my day. lol.

And the books? I want to read 'em all, but especially the one by Erynn Mangum. Haven't read any of hers yet, but I want to. My library doesn't have any :(

Casey said...

I love this: "Raise your hand, you perfect, unimaginable person." I giggled =)

Hanna said...

I def thought that white board under the painting was a border with like Chinese writing on it. Then I realize my mistake. haha
I get paint on myself all the time too, It's the best.