Tuesday, June 1, 2010

artistic endeavors: for jen.

Maybe I haven't been too inspired in the word-department, but I think I've been pretty decent in going on a steady roll of painting.
So much so that I'm still catching up.
This is for the dear Jen:) She's in Africa right now, and she FB'd me about an earthy-toned canvas with John 13 :35 in Swahili. Of course, since she already had the right translation, I said yes. I didn't want to mix and mess it up by Googling the English-to-Swahili translation of a scripture. 
I did it on a surprisingly rainy day, so there wasn't the greatest lighting situations one could hope for...but she loved it when I sent her the picture, so that's all that counts:)
I added more orange accents at Anna's confirmation that it looks like henna...:) We love henna.
With this post, I'm doing something I've never done before, I don't think.
It's posting two art posts in a row.
I've switched by musical affections from Jimmy Needham to Starfield's newest album.
Didn't want to overplay Jimmy, ya know.
Heather's coming, so I'm off to brew coffee;)
Steph had an earlier commitment forgotten about, so I'll be tagging along on a walk, scrapbooking (which I don't do), lasagna (layered with zucchini strips marinated/roasted), Oreo cheesecake I made last night (got the recipe from my friend Samantha, but will repost it with a couple pictures! Amazing!!), off to the softball game tonight with our family...
So yes. What an evening this will be.

Oh, and here's the English version of the above scripture:

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.
[John 13:35]

Have a wonderful day, and oh! I forgot to tell you.  
Yesterday, I forgot it was Monday, and randomly decided to go without coffee. Randomly. Really. No reason whatsoever.
But I survived!
Heh heh.
I'm off....they're here. :) 


LeAnna said...

I love it! She'll cherish is forever, I know. :)

Chana said...

Beautiful my love;) And congrats on the no coffee thing! I'm addicted to tea for the buzz alone, and I don't know what I'd DO without it! You are my hero!

Jennifer said...

Very, very cool!

Yellow House said...

You are so so talented! What a special gift!

heather said...

had an awesome time with you guys. Though when don't we have an awesome time together?? :)

Seizing My Day said...

I love that one! very cool and fun!

I am so old now and addicted to coffee I can't randomly go without it anymore... bummer.
now it is like trying to quit smoking ... I think... I have never tried to quit smoking!! ha ha!

love the CS Lewis quote about Tea also!! a couple posts up!! I am catching up!

Seizing My Day said...

ps have you ever read the Screwtape Letters?
I have a feeling you would LOVE it!! A great book by CS Lewis! anyway ~ just a feeling!~ it is very intriguing!!!