Wednesday, June 9, 2010

artistic endeavors: for moi. aka night sky #3

I've kept this one to myself for too long, aye? Too long as in, I painted this June 3. Har har.
It might not be much to some of you, but that's where the title comes in. (smile)
It's for me. 
That day, Rachel made heath-and-chocolate sprinkled muffins.
It helped with the stress of one of my favorite paintbrushes not being rinsed out after being used with orange paint, of all things, when I wasn't around.
Uh. Yeah.
But thank goodness, the next time Mom was at Wally-world, she got a pack of paintbrushes. And they work very nicely.
So the first half of it. Mostly black again, yes. But take heart --today I did one with a white background, not so big, but still. Anna loved it.
 Now you don't see it...
Now you do:)
*sigh* There it is. And I don't know where Ben put that legendary green chair. Need to holler at him. It's my favorite.
So Rachel kidnapped my camera and got crazy.
Okay. So you see it's one of the biggest canvases I've done to date.
Um, just thought I'd say...if you click on this picture, that's not a bruise under my eye. It's a birthmark:) It can look pretty odd, I have to say.
Now that you've got a handle on the scale and quote and everythang...
I'll just let you know this is one of my new best friends:
Oh, wait. That other one's getting jealous.
Gotta include a picture of both of them, since they did beg. 
(innocent smile)
Oh, and just an update --I'm really liking Indivisible. I'm probably nearly almost 80% through it, and the creepy factor has just gone psychological. But not. Read it to get what I mean. I like it. Oh, and read this article by the author. :)

Can we follow the Savior far,
who have no wound or scar?  

[Amy Carmichael]
Amazing how well this quote goes with that book!


J.J. said...

heath chocolate & sprinkled muffins....I dig that!

Nice work!!!!!

That book looks interesting....I will have to go read up on it ans check out the links...

Have a good evening!

Yellow House said...

Do you have a recipe for those mufffins? They look so good!

Sara said...

Love the painting! And those are fun pictures of you as well; you're so photogenic!

And yes, Gesso is amazing stuff. Well, it was when I was painting, anyway :)

Chana said...

You are so cute! That painting may just be my favorite yet!

Kate said...

If I'm ever in your state I think I'm going to force you to make those muffins for me =)

Love the painting! And gesso is most definitely a close second to coffee.

Jen said...

Love that painting dear, its lovely. And YOU are lovely, thats why I awarded you a bloggity blog award. Come see my last post to check it out.
Love you precious!

heather said...

LOVE that painting!!! very cool babe. ;)