Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sea monkeys. they do indeed exist:)

It was a while ago, but I've been meaning to post the pictures and everything just because. She's so darn imaginative.
And I love her.
Saturday, April 3, one of Lydia's sea monkeys died.
 It was a beautiful day like this one, and she is quite attached to the smallest --even inanimate-- things. I can't remember if I was like that at that age...
Anna and I were the nearest available individuals to come to the funeral.
I swear. This girl is more creative than I was.
She wrote out a couple programs, and we sang amazing grace, and of course I shot a few so I could record it for the history and her kids to see someday, and ....well, I was planning on posting it here, too. 
She laid a violet (or was it a sprig of lilac?) on Tom's tiny grave.
She's also dramatic. She was tearing up. (Probably half and half real and drama)
Anna and her hugged after she thanked us for coming...I just stood back like a paparazzi sister.
The attendance. Minus me.
Here's the program. Invites. And the bottom one, click on it, is her speech. Well, the words she read for the service.
It was a gorgeous day.
She went on to make homemade paper. :) Thankfully she's wound down from that hobby that includes blending newspaper and random colored-tissue paper in the VitaMix. But boy did it make for a pretty hobby:)
Heather's just lucky I'm not feeling the inspiration to write about last night.
Okay. I'll give a few details.
Bullet points, really.
At the softball game last night, we moved from chatting under the shelter with Samantha and Paige to the bleachers. Long story short, Heather is much more competitive and sports-oriented than yours truly. So she 'loosened' me up. Meaning, eventually, after much of her cheering and yelling and clapping enthusiastically, and trying and successfully embarrassing me, I joined in a little bit. 
Oh, and the new neighbor a couple blocks away from us came to play, as we were short a couple people. *sigh again, with a smile* So he's late 20's, and won a bench-pressing championship or something like that lately, the only thing wrong is he's on the short side and she's not much for smokers... and if the boys ever spread word that I have a blog, certain close relatives are not going to be eating for a very long time. I have connections. 
Anyhow. at one point, he was heading to Home, and Heather cheered. She didn't the first time he batted and we were up there. Ha. "Yeah! Go...Bench-presser man!" Quieter yelled, yes, but cheering nonetheless. I took great amusement in all this, of course.
And to conclude the things I said were on the to-do list, yes had coffee, no we didn't scrapbook. Yes, we took a walk after coming home at 9:30pm. It was lovely, except the past few days the mosquitoes have been coming out. Argh.

Oh, last night I wrote in my paper journal....all about the evening, etc., the past few days, and numbered the rest of the pages. I love composition notebooks. And I try to write in it at least once a day about something...even if it's about how beautiful the sky is or how rainy, if I'm drinking tea or what, if it's a good day or one of those... I'm almost done with this one--I'm determined to have 2 months be my default time to write up those 200 page composition notebooks. :)

Well. I'm off to paint.
I found a new quote while Googling with Heather, that is quite cute. I shall post pictures of the 2nd edition, because the prototype I was stupid enough to pencil the words in first, which I never do, and it didn't turn out even like normal. *sigh* Freehand is sometimes the best way to go. Golly.
Have a lovely Wednesday! 
Don't worry. Lots more art to catch up on still. ;)

Oh, and a question: how many of you hop on here from your Dashboard, from Facebook, or read me through a different thing like GoogleReader? I'd love to know:)


Jennifer said...

Jen H. Brought my little brother sea monkey's a few years ago...he LOVED them! Mama would catch him making videos of them.

Paige's Page said...

Hmm, well I do blogger dashboard, fb, and my favorites. I guess probably fb the most tho! (sometimes I do it off my newsfeed and sometimes off your profile)

And last night was such a grand time! Maybe my parents will bring us one more time?

Chana said...

This was a good old fashioned "Beka" post! Filled with vivid detail and great storytelling!! That little funeral was so creative and sweet! Bless her heart.

Christopher And Tia said...

Wow. That was one beautiful memorial service for a sea monkey. I always wanted Sea Monkeys, but didn't get any until I was about 19 years old. And by then, the magic was mostly gone. And of course, all of mine died rather quickly. :( Needless to say, they did not get funerals.

(I come over from my dashboard, when I sit down for my nightly readings)

Yellow House said...

I love that you played photographer and captured the sea monkey funeral. Poor thing.

PS - I come to you via my dashboard! I am always happy to see when you post! :)

Yellow House said...

Also -- how do people find your blog through Facebook??

Rachel said...

Awwww! I love this post! so sad, but cute! Bummer that i was not there!!

heather said...

Thank you for being discreet beka dear. Gosh...what amazing blackmail material you have on me. Good thing you're a principled sort of gal. I hope. 'Twas a fun evening, wasn't it?? Even if I did embarrass you. Glad you still love me. :)