Tuesday, June 8, 2010

rain, kiss cake, and my sunday.

This morning, Grammy was in a hilarious mood. No, this picture is not from today. Just a note:]
I love it when she gets all witty with me.
It's where I got it.
Sunday (ahem, not yesterday) I did a lot of pounding:) I used a hammer, I used some nails like this one, and I hung some paintings. See that nail on my hand? Nah, I wasn't the one who pounded it funny.
Nah....I never made nails bend by persisting beyond the point of reasonable return and conclusion that one may have been pounding it into a stud.
Darnit, but that was me:)
Okay, there's the other one. Yes, I failed at two nails, darnit. Sigh. This one obviously was being kept out by a stud. Very clean bend, ya see.
Click this to see it larger--Yay! paintings hung;) And yes, that yellow-blue one on the bottom left side is purposefully hung crooked. I promise.
It's raining. And it's such a sleepy day. Didn't help that I went to sleep at 1am after getting to a neutral part of Indivisible. Anyone else got that problem where you can't stop before you get to one of those places? And then my wake-up time wasn't really anything to be proud of...I heard the alarm. Let's just say I need to work on self-discipline. *snort*
I stepped out the front door to snap a few. Of this:
I was about ready to crash (literally) around 2pm. It's 4:53 right now. So you know what I did? I brewed coffee (yes, still the old-fashioned way) while I vacuumed last-minute. A few of Grammy's nieces came over for a quick visit. 

To switch the subject, I love Amy's Virtual Coffee. Yes, this particular post I linked to is one of my favorites so far, and I may or may not have commented a novel of heart.
I love her questions, little discussions of everyday and sometimes not-so-everyday things.
And I love the pictures she posts. And her new vintage-suitcase header. :)
This one part really sparked me:
* a good friend of mine is going to Guatemala on a Mission Trip in December.  I would love to do something like that someday....maybe in a few years. She has worked in orphanages before in impoverished countries and I would love to be able to help in that way someday but I think it would be so hard to do. Definitely something that is always in the back of my mind though.
This is me, being honest. It really touched a place in me.
So this was one of my comments, just in case you were too lazy or buys to hop over on that link, but also because I wanted to include something that's really on my heart in my post:
Here's my dialogue over coffee with you, dear:

...Wow. I would so love to go on a missions trip. Anywhere would be amazing. Guatemala, even. Not many people know that, not many people think there are many things I want to do, other than what seems obvious and in front of me. The past few days Jesus has really been showing me that every season is precious. This one I'm in is precious, even with all the unbelievably annoying moments with siblings and havoc and ruts in the road with parents. Because someday...this time will be gone. And with that in mind, I do want to be one of the best sisters ever. I want to try to be an agreeable daughter. I want to do more than I thought planned for my life while being a single person in my loving family. *sigh* He'll show me what to do. I just need to talk to God more. Oh, yeah. And listen...

*takes last sip of milked-up coffee and smiles*
So yeah. That broke me open, plus Kate's latest truly honest and deep post.
We have those times, y'know. We're perfectly normal otherwise, right? And then we realize we need to just break it open and lay some stuff out on the table for things to be real. For others to see and hear how some things really are, how we really think, how we've felt lately or at all.

Randomly, the other day, there was a baby bunny underneath the wheelchair ramp in front of our house.
I'm talking tiny when I say tiny. And oh, so cute.
The children caught it, without touching it personally, and released it by our front bushes, I guess...because our conclusion is that we have a bunny nest of sorts there.
Another thing is, I finished Heather's Share canvas:
I love how each one has its own turn, it's a little different each time.
I made kiss cake after patting a crust into a pan for Anna's quiche tonight, darnit I guess I used too much butter, because she just informed me it's swimming. Ugh.

I really need to buy an external hard drive, ya know? Today I didn't take too many pictures because of the lighting or lack of it, and cleaning etc., and no painting...but I really need one. So... what are some recommendations for good hard drives? And I can put them on it and delete them from my computer, right? Or is that not safe? Any thoughts? Thank you!

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday night:)


Paige's Page said...

Yes, still brewing your coffee the old-fashioned way, thanks to us and our forgetfulness! We brought the coffee maker yesterday, and left it in the van. :P Totally forgot about it!!!!

The Paper Mama said...

Yes, you do need an external hard drive. So nice! Look at your wall! It's looking lovely.

Chana said...

So much going on I don't know where to start!
1. Your Grandma is so adorable!
2. LOVE the paintings and how amazing they look all proud and hung up!
3. You are pretty.
4. The bunny is just about as cute as your Grammie!
5. Get a hard drive! I don't know which one, but look on Amazon, should be cheaper and have tons of reviews.

{Amy} said...

I love that your comments are sometimes a "novel of heart" Beka, I really do! I love your humor, wit and creativity...and I love how you write just as I imagine you would talk in real life! You are always invited to have coffee with me!

And I adore the last painting...perfect!

heather said...

wow...you are amaaaaazing dear Beka. The painting is inspired. I adore it. You are an awesome artist. I wish I had your talent. Oh, did I mention that you are gorgeous, too?? Love you babe!! ;) ;)

Amber Dawn said...

Ohhh...I love Mr. baby bunny..he was too cute.

CourtneyKeb said...

That bunny was just too precious.
and I have a weak spot for grandmas.
She's precious!

heart like mine said...

gosh, i loved this post so much, dear beka.

your grandma is, indeed, very beautiful and wonderfully precious. :)

and i loved your dialogue over coffee. it inspired me to write something similar. and i like how you wrote about breaking open and laying things out. talking about life, even in the raw aspects of it. raw can be so beautiful.

really, REALLY inspirational post. i like going back and seeing your posts from your past. i intend to go through all your archives one of these days. ;)

by the way, that bunny? still.my.heart. what a sweet baby!

Alana said...

Yay for hanging paintings! Your grandma sounds awesome. And Mike saw the bunny and said awwwwww. :)