Thursday, June 17, 2010

artistic endeavors: whimsical

Here's a whimsy one if I ever saw it. :)
Sorry. Yeah, this is pretty whimsy, isn't it? Quiet. Lovely is more the word for it. ;)
Just had a thought: I'll get a print of one of these someday. And frame it in a nice modern-like frame...and hang it on my wall. It'll make me either hungry, sick, or nostalgic every time I walk past it. 
Mmmm. See, this is a small town I live in. A nice older lady we've known since probably before I was born gave us some cookies today. Randomly. :) White-chocolate something. There may have been butterscotch in it, too. Holy cow, those were good cookies. I only had about three. With black coffee. 
See what I mean? 
Totally getting a print of this.
Oh, I didn't mention this --she also gave us like 3 mugs of this kind. And three plain beautiful white ones, the same design. Some of the cutest china I've ever seen:)

Now onto the painting. I did it Saturday, June 5.
Okay. Here's the thing I came to post, and you came to see.
I think.
Methinks I remember it was sprinkling outside. You can tell by the overcast look on the canvas.
Well, I can.
Cute wittle bee, yes you are. :)
Well. That's all for the paint-creativeness today. I've got a few new ones, so don't worry. 

But I have to share this.
This link to Whatever. Now, that one's her actual typepad.
But this is the one I'm really talking about.
Don't be thinking you know all about it, heard the sob story, etcetera. This is so real.
Just scroll through it for me. She's not boring on the narration, neither is she spilling details paragraph-after-paragraph. It's a sentence or two here and there. Doesn't take long at all.
This is my favorite post of her trip to Africa. Just scrolling down through, I couldn't help it. My eyes filled and started spilling, love and pain and wonder all at once, and after a moment, I had a logical thought and got angry. Am I pmsing? What the hey. Anyways, it might just make you emotional any day of the week.
And this here quote's quite true, you know...

God offers to every mind
its choice between truth and repose.
Take which you please –
you can never have both.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowing truth makes you move. Makes you change. Makes you love.
You know it.


Chana said...

What a great post. Its amazing how deep you are for such a young age. You have an amazing outlook on life that is quite a gift for your generation girlfriend:) Thank you for another great message, and thank you for your sweet and wonderful comments on my blog recently. You are such a great friend and I'm so blessed to know you!

The Paper Mama said...

I love the bee. He is so cute! And, I need a neighbor to bring me some cookies because those look REAL good!!!

Jennifer said...

I love the bee too! And, those cookies look yummm! I <3 white chocolate.

LeAnna said...

Great canvases! The bee reminds me of Whinnie the Pooh for some reason. :) I think honeybees would be a cute nursery theme. Minus Pooh, because he's so overused. But that has nothing to do with anything.

I need a cookie now.

Hanna said...

hehe I like your painting. Cutefest!!

Anonymous said...

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