Sunday, June 27, 2010

artistic endeavors: purple parentheses

I shall start this post with coffee.
I did these canvases (it's like a mini puzzle) on....Thursday, June 10? Okay. So. 
I really can't see that this picture needs anything else, really...I mean, it has h20, coffee, a That sounds pretty sweet to me.
I like the purple. I'm not sure anyone noticed, but I'm big into contrast:)
Obviously you can see, I decided on the quote later on in the creation.
It's nice that way.
Quite convenient.
Hint-hint. :)
I may or may not have said "awesome possum" when I finished this.
Rachel looked at me as if I had just stated I wanted to siphon Middle East oil with a straw.
Um. Crazy.
But I have to say, I was quite pleased with how the hand-writing look turned out. :)
How about you?

Well, on this day, I was in the back yard when the boys were driving this beast:
Today I was trying to catch up on the David study (once again--oh, and key word: trying) ....and ran into a day that was 6 blinkin' pages long. Usually they're maybe somewhere from 2-4 pages. But 6? And with Lyd bouncing in and out of the living room entertaining Anna and I with distracting cuteness and hilarity? Gosh. :) You don't want to know how long it took me.
Alright, I'll tell you.
2 hours.
Shameful, I know. But I couldn't just yell for Lyd to exit the room. She eventually left for grocery shopping with Mom. And Lyd truly was hilarious. Truly.
It's weird, not having painted for more than a week. Really weird.
Methinks another Parentheses is coming up soon... :)
Have a lovely Sunday night and early Monday!
Oh, and we randomly found out that we're part Dutch.
We knew that we were part Norwegian and German and a tiny bit of French (stress the very tiny) but now we find that Grammy's late hubby's late dad was part or mostly Dutch. How cool is that? I's always interesting to find out things like this.
How about you?
Who waves mosquitoes away? Don't normal people slap them wherever they might be--in the air or on a person? Hmm. I'm weird. I waved one away. :)


Chana said...

Seriously, I love the quote and I LOVE the handwriting! ugh! So beautiful.
PS-I mailed you a little something last week, hope it got there!

{Amy} said...

pretty, pretty, pretty and i agree, great hand writing!

Amber Dawn said...

I love it Becka! I also loved the awesome possum comment...I catch myself *not* saying that sometimes too!lol! :)