Thursday, June 10, 2010

i'm going places award...

Monday, May 10, 2010 5:39pm
I’m not the type of person who plans their life inch-by-inch.
When I told this to Anna, along with the fact that I was going to meditate on this question for a few days before posting the Bogie Award thing, she said I just roll with it.
I looked at her. That’s one way to say it…and I try to seek God through it all!
10 years from now.
Thursday, June 10 2010 2:09pm
Okay. It's getting weird now.
Jen dear just awarded me this. 
Is it a sign?
Uh, yeah.
It means, get moving, Beka, write your hopes for the future or something. Everyone wants to know. 
Well, okay. Thanks to those lovely people... I'm finally going to write and post this thingy.
And I truly am grateful to the generous ladies who bestowed such a gift on little me.
Well. In 10 years, lots of things I'm sure will have changed.
So. I'll list it in a bunch of hopes and dreams. I'll be 29. Whoa. Scary. *deep breath* Anyhow, without picking on you mommy readers anymore... I'd like to have been a pretty good sister to growing up siblings. Married. Written a book. Published it under a taker who doesn't mind Grammy's vocabulary. Hopefully have a child or two if married. Have a house to decorate. In wilder dreams, a coffee shop, too. [Selling my paintings, muffins and scones, and doing henna tattoos.] I'll have worked at a coffee shop or two, and painted quite a bit by then --getting better from all the practice, Lord willing. 
So. That's as good as you're going to get. Sorry for the bluntness, but I feel if I was going to have as well-put-together statement as some lovelies do, this post wouldn't come for another couple months. :) Spilling oneself can be difficult, can I hear an oh yes?
Now for awarding! Which I love to do. 
Courtney @ LoveLove
Feather @ Simply Feather
Chelsey @ the paper mama
And Casey, from Croxford Files:)
Chana, @ Mamma Town
So.... The instructions for this award are to say where you want to be in 10 years time, and then award 10 other awesome bloggers with the same award. Link to those sweet people, and mention who awarded you, also linking to them.

Thanks for bearing with me today:)


CourtneyKeb said...

I think it's good to sometimes just sit and focus on where you're going and where you want to be. It helps you to keep a center on the present too, I think.

I just wanted to say thank you for award! I appreciate all of the kind and thoughtful comments you're always gracing my blog with, and thank you for giving me a little insight into your world on here.

I appreciate it much!

Seizing My Day said...

yikes ... so in ten years I will nearly be 50 ~ I don't really want to go there in my head!! ha ha! =) You are a young spring chicken still! he he! I used to dream of owning a coffee shop that had games and books... classics like CS Lewis and Andrew Murray and George MacDonald! A ministry coffee shop somewhere for the college students to hang! Will you do that for me ... since I clearly won't at this stage!! ha ha! thanks for reading and laughing with us granny's... ok ok... I can not be a granny just yet... my little girl has about 15 year before she is allowed to think about kids!! ha ha! Thanks darlin... I will give this one a tiny bit of thought and come back to receive it!

Isabella Kiss said...

awh. thanks beka! :)))))

Feather said...

thank you for the blog love! your 10-from-now dreams are pretty awesome, i'd say. ten years from now, for me, ??? hard to imagine...

Yellow House said...

Owning a coffee shop sounds lovely!

Chana said...

You have much to look forward to in the next 10 years! And I have a feeling, with your's all gonna happen! Thanks for the award too! What a cool topic to ponder, I can't wait to respond!

heather said...

interesting where we all will be in 10 years. Love the Bogie quote. It's from the best movie ever!!

The Paper Mama said...

Thank you so much! Oh man... you'll only be 29. Now I feel old! What a sweet little future you'll have! I love the coffee shop! :)

Angie S said...

congrats on the award...such a fun award :)

have a great weekend!!

{Amy} said...

I just have to say that in ten years you will be awesome and have a wonderful life...whatever it is you are doing! I wish that I had had just half of the maturity and sense of myself at 19 that you do, I really admire you for that!

alita said...

Owning a coffee shop sounds like such a wonderful dream. :) Reach high Beka!

Hanna said...

Ah I had forgotten about this. Consider it written. :] I probably sound quite ridiculous with my crazy ambitions.