Monday, June 28, 2010

artistic endeavors: yellow parentheses

Today has been normal Monday-morning havoc of cleaning, organizing, and picking up.
Then I settled down with the pot brewing, and got the painting stuff set out on the table.
It's been more than a week, and that feels weird:)
It's so nice to paint. 
It's fluctuated from blue sky to overcast to sunny back to overcast today.
Makes for interesting influence on the paint colors.
I already did one . . . I might as well post it, since I'm talking about it:)
Ugh, today Anna made this awesome little invention: basil, tomatoes, etc., couscous. It was amazing. Tasted wonderful. Mmmmm:)
I've been loving white backgrounds lately.
Absolute contrast. ;)
Ah! I'm excited. :)
So. Excited.
Leap Year is in at the library! We didn't get to see it in theatres, and Abbie and a few others said it was quite cute:) I'm looking forward to that one. Plus, Ireland? --Ahem. How can you go wrong???
I love that. 
Did I just take the words out of your mouth?
I just love the concept and reality of it.
I've been looking in Quote Garden for excellent quotes to paint.
It's been quite fruitful.
And also lately, I've noticed I've let myself just drift.
I mean, I read a few verses in Luke or something the other night, but really? I've stuck my toe in the lake of purposelessness that I've waded into in the past. It's not where I'm meant to be. Sorry I pushed into the metaphors there, but I'm kind of into symbolism a lot.
Anna's reading the Bible Quest thing that Jen and others are, and she's just getting to Exodus . . . with the law parts of the Old Testament. Heh heh. 
The outward was so important. After Jesus came and sacrificed Himself, it became more about the inside, not so much remembering to wash our hands how many times a day and killing a bull for every time we sinned, but more about knowing He was doing it in us and we are redeemed and following Him...
That either makes sense or it doesn't.
Oh, and all the sacrifices? Yeah......

Anyhow. I've been uploading the trip-up-north pictures of FB, but soon enough I'll do a run-down on our lovely June family vacation for y'all. :)
Lyd and Danny are watching the movie Up. Oh golly. I think I've explained some of my thoughts and feelings on that. It's sweet. But kinda bittersweet, considering the beginning... (sniff, sniff)

So. I'm starting a painting with two little ones kind of a way. You'll see when I post it. I'm actually not too sure what exactly I'm going to paint on it/them, but then...being an artist of any sort includes some mystery, ya know? ;)
Tonight, hopefully, we're going to Panera Bread with Grandma and Grandpa T and great-Uncle Eugene to celebrate Dad and Mom's birthdays. Same day, different year. Last week:)
Nope, no one gets old. Ever. (snort) But gosh don't you learn a lot as time passes. And hopefully we can all pass down some smarts to the younger ones as we live through the years.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Great quote:) Love Panera. That apple chicken salad is really good.

Christina said...

I like Panera. :)
The quote in the painting is great!

Kirsty said...

Cool post! I'd never thought of capturing the workspace to show in the blog before! I actually really love those photos with your work table, paints and coffee, paints such a sweet picture, no pun intended I swear! I might have to snatch up that idea! Hehe

Jen said...

Mmmm, I heart couscous. LeAnna got me hooked on it, 100%! And Anna's concoction sounds utterly divine.

I love that quote too, I have it in my quotations on Facebook! I think I found it in my old NIV Women of Faith Bible years ago, and it's stuck with me. Perfect words for a canvas, indeed. :)