Tuesday, June 29, 2010

artistic endeavors: turquoise parentheses

June 9, Rachel went crazy with the camera.
I was reading Indivisible, and I was painting that day.
But gosh do I love that sundress.
Today's been gorgeous and we had Mom's Bible study today and there's 2 little guys under 8 months old, and I don't have many words.
Heh heh.
So here's some art. Because that's what I shove at you when I don't have much to say.
Well, sometimes that's how it works. Sometimes. ;)
Jen suggested using an Amy Carmichael quote on a canvas...
Oh my goodness. Look what else I found in the June 9 folder.... 
Oh dear.
Didn't mean to torture anyone.
As usual...
Tonight's a late night of softball, 9pm, and Heather's not here to encourage us to cheer. Too bad, huh? 
Also, Anna and I watched Leap Year. Wonderfee movie:) 
I can't resist a happy sigh. Truly. Ireland. Real good Irish accents. Amy Adams. That guy...Matthew Goode. With that accent. Don't know what else he's in or if it's good, but gosh was he good in this. :)
And the outfits she wears? (not talking about the one in the picture necessarily) Adorable.
I love that part. Right when it starts to hail, and they enter that b&b style place with the sweet older couple where "right's right no matter if it's rainin' or not!"
Alright. I shall leave you now.
I need to take a walk to the library since a few books came in for me... 
Lyd really needs to stop watching Up. I'm just saying...
And just so ya know, today looks like this:
And I need to replicate that room someday. Really. (huge sigh of inspiration)


Chana said...

Love the quote.
Love the brownies.
Love that dress.
Love your hair.
Love that movie.
Love your blog.
The End;)

Christopher And Tia said...

I agree with Chana.


{Amy} said...

super cute dress, great picture of you and love the new painting. and a morning with two babies under 8 months? wow. lots of coffee for that kinda day! : )

beka said...

It was so good--and always lovely to see how much they're growing and changing with each month:)

beka said...

(the babies, I mean.
especially since the Bible study is only once a month..you see changes a lot more)

Casey said...

ooh, I need to see that movie. I have a BIG thing for accents. Scottish, Irish, English....they all make me swoon.

heather said...

Oh, hope you guys cheered anyway. Er...proboably not. :) Realllly want to seethat movie. Looks adorable and who doesn't have a thing for accents. Like seriously...oh and I LOVE Frank crooning in my ear right now. Sigh.

Azer's Mom said...

What an amazing blog you have here. Greeted by Frank Sinatra himself. Very relaxing. Thanks!