Thursday, February 24, 2011

i have a thing for peanut sauce and sriracha.....

i think the title was a good start. ;)
spaghetti a-cooking. 
we first had this at noodles & co. i love that place. :) their japanese pan noodles are the bomb. nice and spicy in that different way. love!!!
to go with the broccoli after you steam it, we bought a can of stir fry veggies. 'twas good. added more different stuff than the last time we made this.
yay for chicken....couldn't resist posting the picture;)
yes, this thai dish calls for chicken.
i think i have mentioned this before, but i love mushrooms. i'm so glad God made mushrooms.
garlic and ginger? those are the two ingredients that clue me into the fact that it's a special recipe. :)
okay, so i'm pretty obvious sometimes.
oh well.
i love it when the spaghetti finally shows signs of giving into the boiling water effect.
this is me after grocery shopping with my dear anna:) such a fun time. need to do that more often. there are some fine-looking guys at the grocery stores! who knew?? ;)
this was inbetween chopping, peeling, and dicing different stuff for and with her for dinner.
:) y'all really need to make this recipe.
why oh why do i have to be at a loss for words tonight? goodness.
well, i guess i haven't talked about today.....hmmmm.....
and.......this is where the sriracha sauce comes in:)
minced garlic, onion, ginger, and mushrooms....sauteed. then squeeze in some sriracha to give it some kick. it takes more than you think to reach a good point of heat, but gosh it's good.
steamed veggies all tossed in together.
oh, and don't forget lime juice. yummo.
just a tip: peel the limes, and then feel free to throw them in the jack lalanne juicer. or whatever you use to juice 'em. ben left the peel on?? and guess what. the juice was bitter. sigh. we added more honey and sriracha, and it was basically fixed....but still. let's do it the right way next time, shall we? because heck is it hard to juice those things by hand. so hard.
i need to glance at the recipe again, but i believe that is the saute mixture and chicken broth blended with the certain amount of peanut butter.
so it gets really frothy, see? so pretty.
then, as it heats up to a simmer, then a boil, it gets a bit thicker....
and it gets creamy:)
this is where you get your noodles, all done and unstuck with a hot water rinse, and put this dish together.
er....mix it up.
and this is the bowl of noodles i reheated for breakfast.
yummy leftovers, make no mistake!!!
sorry it looks weird.
that's just how it is. worms. the 3 younger siblings don't like this dish much.
but oh well.
try it sometime; you might absolutely love it:)
i'll try to get the link for the recipe site anna found it on.....sorry this is all i got until then. :P
... find the recipe here:)

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Oh Mandie said...

You know, if we lived closer I would totally just randomly show up outside of your house right around dinner time every single night. Would that be too obvious?

Cassandra said...

You use Kikkoman soy sauce too?!?!
I'm telling you, it is the best soy sauce you can get. In Hawaii, it's all over the place. I figure, since the Asians love it, it must be the real deal.

I totally judge people on their choice of soy sauce, and you have to know your stuff to pick Kikkoman.

This totally sounds like a pitch for Kikkoman Soy Sauce...haha.

Cassandra said...

And I used the word "totally" about two times too many...