Sunday, May 30, 2010

artistic endeavors: random. for moi.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon....or whatever day you read this:)
Yesterday we had a cousin's wedding...'twas lovely:) They had a good band at the reception, --this awesome black lady was the lead singer-- and Grandma T. and I suggested some oldies --they played some lately done by Michael Buble. (yuck, Heather, yuck!! hehe) It was more than good enough, though, and was quite fun. I took off my flip-flops (no, I was not about to wear my pumps all day. me and anything with height have quite a limited relationship. only when needed.) and danced with Anna, Rach and Lyd in turn. The boys obviously were too chicken, and I wasn't about to wait around for them to get some courage and stop being shy. So sisters will do. :) We danced to Fever. Whoa, that song. Makes me laugh. So I put it as the first song for this blog right now;) Ha!
Did I mention I don't know how to dance? 'Kay. Now you know it. And I swear, someday I'm going to take lessons. I mean, I know how to waltz...well, the basic idea of the steps anyways, but I don't know any moves, really. Just thought I should clear that up;) There was this one couple, a little older than mom and dad, who were really swinging it. They were pretty amazing, compared to everyone else who knew the basic steps for different counts.
Soon enough, I got tired of being surrounded by all these couples pulling each other close. It was lovely seeing the older couples who've stuck out and enjoyed years of life together. But it was time to leave anyways, so we headed out and I read aloud another chapter of How Do You Tuck In A Superhero? to the kids. I randomly got it from the library after reading her blog for a while.

Alright. I'm catching up chronologically, just because that's how I'm dealing with the folders of pictures waiting to be picked through, certain ones uploaded, and blog posted.
I am going to make this quick and take a nap.
Dean Martin, Edith Piaf, a heart like his Bible study by Beth Moore, and a nap.
Now that's a good afternoon.
So let's get onto the pictures. :)
Let's get this clear.
This was random.
On a new, big canvas Ben made for me.
For me.
So this painting...I painted for myself.
Just wanted to tell you, I don't expect ones like this to sell. (laughs)
 Time for some chocolate-covered coffee beans. Oh yes. Celebration--a canvas is finished. :)
Up-close....'tis a night sky type of thing, if you couldn't guess.
Sorry. Again, no words to say.
But this--I think it looks pretty cool on the wall where I hung it...
There it I had to use flash. :P And yes...ahem...that's me, probably around-1-2 yrs old. With a little chickie held in Daddy's gloved hand, at a grandma's farm.
I've been obsessed with this song. Just thought I'd tell you. Since it's not available on the site where I get my blog music from. :(
And goodness, his music is nice and various--I love painting to it. Imaginably, the urge to dance comes;)
So that's my painting, folks.
I'm off for a nap. Happy birthday to my best friend--PJ! <3

My unfailing Love for you will not be moved
for you will not be moved
My unfailing Love for you
and though the mountains be shaken
and the hills be removed
yet My unfailing Love for you.
[Jimmy Needham]


Chana said...

Oh...what a fun weekend so far! Good for you for getting up and dancing! The wedding sounds so fun! And the painting is amazing!! I love where you hung it, and I love that baby pic of someone you caught in the photo too;)

Christina said...

Yay for a nice wedding to attend! I haven't been to one in awhile, I wish I could go to one soon! I don't really know anyone getting married soon. Boo! :P I like the painting, part looks like a skyline, which maybe you are saying "duh!" or "huh?" to. haha

heather said...

Actually like the painting dear. Very contemporary of you. Oh and Sinatra rocks!! (I know we both know this but some people don' there ya go.) ;)

CourtneyKeb said...

Beautiful painting, I really do love it!