Thursday, July 1, 2010

wordless thursday: house stuff.

The past few days (Tuesday, Wednesday, today, most likely tomorrow also) have been wonderful and quite interesting things.
Anna and I just got back from our after-dinner walk.
I am so tired. Coffee helped today (as going to bed late and having to wake up earlier than normal today was...wearing on me. you're snorting, laughing at me: the young thing:P) but there were still those times that I seriously could've dropped to the floor and napped half the day away.
I know y'all probably feel like that all the time, having kids and all.
But this is wordless, okay?
That is so my kitchen.
I can dream, right?
Thanks. ;)
Like, really? Books. And more books. If Grace were there, she'd be drooling. Hehe.
Put a coffee nook right off under that ledge, and that is a complete picture. ;)


{Amy} said...

i just don't think you and wordless wednesday go have far too much to say! : ) oh, those books...yes, books and coffee and a whole day to spend there, perfect!

Jen said...

Your wordless Wed and Thurs are like mine! Hence my disclaimers in brackets everytime I post one, haha.
But I looooove your wordlessness. AND that kitchen. Holy moly do I.

Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

Oh Oh Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE that kitchen!!!

By the way, I gave you an award:

Congrats & Have A Great Weekend :)

Amanda said...

I want the second picture to be my living room! It reminds me, on a smaller scale, of the library in Beauty and the Beast that I drooled over when I was little.;)

Christina said...

That kitchen is so nice and clean looking!
And the 2nd picture is also drool worthy!

Yellow House said...

That kitchen is dreamy.

beka said...

Ugh I know.