Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i feel like i live in washington state.

nothing like a noisy thunderstorm where the thunder shakes the windows and the lightning is the only light, yes?
along with a mug of hot mango tea, sweetened with agave nectar.... it's just a dandy day.
lindsay linked to this today. it's about seattle's weather.

and this awesome lip balm. i love it.

this is me on a coincidentally rainy day.
oh boy.

and this is me, earlier --when there was a shred of sunlight coming through the overcast-- attempting to splash this day with color.
black, white, blue polka-dot sash. purple shirt. reddish hair. hahah.

that was one of the longest, loudest thunders i've ever heard. and the lights flickered right before it.
i just lit 3 candles.
random swimsuit link love, all because of flower patch farmgirl's a tale of a dress post....
venezia looks like a grand swimsuit. if it were 20....i'd be tempted......red, white, stripes and black sash? hmm:)
notte stellata looks amazing too though. i love blue and polka dots.
sunshine coast. it's just so granny-smith like. crisp. pretty. summery. ah. :)
sutherland point. i'm in love with this one even more than the one before. red, with ruffles? the adorability.
and yeah, that's a word;)

now for my rant of sherlock. i realize he looks a tad bit....ethereal. in that above picture, anyhow. :\ unfortunate. unless that intrigues you.
just the name gets me excited.

we did not, in fact, watch an episode tonight. :( we watched sense & sensibility --the newer, bbc version-- on commercials of jamie oliver's show about food and schools and stuff like that.

tonight he was calling everyone sweetheart and baby and giving hugs.
and cash in the back pocket. hahahha. that part cracked me up. it cracked us all up. [anna, from being on message boards for british shows and films, has read and now has firm evidence that british people... indeed...well, they seem to like butts. ahem. okay? interesting fact of today.]
i'm not delving into that.
something i'm anticipating: posting the canvas i painted today! and the one from yesterday, too.
so....i just might post it tomorrow night.
i think that's what i'll do.... :)
oh! here are two interesting quotes.
the first applies to today. horrid weather for a few hours, we had there.
the second, you more experienced people need to comment on. heheheh.

It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it.
[Amelia Barr]

A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.
[Brendan Francis]


Mrs. Miscellanea said...

I love when he calls people sweetheart and mate, lol, so cute!

Alyssa Rae said...

love the link! haha.
buuuuutttt...Seattle weather has been lovely these last few days! Honest!

Mrs. Bement said...

A) I love your pictures! The first photo is great! :)
B) I love Jamie Oliver. He's adorable :D I've loved his shows for a few years now, pretty much since the first one he made came out. He is such a darling (now I sound like an old British lady, dont I? :)

heart like mine said...

i looove that first quote you posted on the bottom. it was so perfect and encouraging for me today, so thank you.

also, those swimsuits are soo darling<3

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

And I woke up to snow this morning! snow. Will this ever end?! You look pretty!

Natalie said...

Mocha Flavor Chapstick! I want some!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I'm loving all the photos you're taking!