Sunday, April 17, 2011

living with women. and other random things like pain.

the title was a warning.
a warning that i'm going to be random.
er, well, more random than is normal.

1. first of all, we had a really lovely short service at church today because the choir, a hodge podge of beautiful people and coordinating voices, sang specials for palm sunday.
then we went downstairs and i pulled shots of espresso for the cafe type thing we have.

2. we came home around noon, and were looking through the paper...
came across this: ^^ it sparked discussion and and . . . well, discussion.
pros and cons. which one anna/me like better. after reading (er, remembering) that right guy on the right--hemsworth-- is aussie, i chose him. i've always dreamed of marrying an aussie.
too bad we don't know any aussie's......shoot.
dad: "i'm going up to take a nap. there's too many women hormones down here."
in the end, though? i finished the article to the note of this: hemsworth is married.
i told anna, and she concluded with oh well, a girl can hope and dream. 
i stared at her.
ummmm.... anna? 
yeah, both of us are well-versed in sarcasm and all that sort.
this beautiful, beautiful morning.
3. now we're watching the a-team.
gosh, murdoch never fails to crack. me. up.
and stitching a lightning bolt into a dude's arm? for real?
4. after anna wakes up from her nap and i finish this post, we might put in a sincere favorite by hallmark: front of the class. it was anna who suggested the film, after the calmed discussion ending with hemsworth married. el oh el:)

5. supposedly, around 5:30 my time today, there's going to be live-streaming of a concert on this site.
i wish i could be there --it's free for goodness sake-- but hopefully the live-streaming is good. i'm excited. :)
 chambanachik blog
6. my guest post is coming up tomorrow at chambanachik. :)

7. to answer the crazy thing i told you guys not to guess; the number of pictures i took at the civil wars concert i blogged about.... i took about 560.
don't blink. don't scream. you read that right. half of a thousand. granted, i had to switch my camera to successive shutter action in order to get some good ones (which i did) but then i did get some blurry ones and extras, darker ones, etcetera. but it was worth it. and i've weeded it out. still need to do more weeding.

8. i'm grateful for this gorgeous day we've got-- the paper says to expect rain and 40's-50's all this week with rain. oh boy.

9. sickness sucks. a few family members just got over random crap, and a couple certain siblings with a bit of newfound/growing lactose intolerance had ear aches. i hate seeing people i love in pain. {especially when they're the younger ones in the family.} gosh it's painful. reallyreally.
wow, is this post about to take a turn. . . .
10. this crap in life, it's a tunnel, but there will be, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
but while you're in it, gosh....all you can think is i want this to be over.
we need to believe. and hold on to Him. and do what we can to come through it; to survive.
[i've cried to this song many a time. also, i love the song bell tower by this guy, ryan mcallister]
the thing is... he knows. he knows the pain. he's in it with us. he's been there. he's been lower, he's been higher, and He. loves. us. in the middle of everything. he's with us in everything... despite everything. whatever it may be right now probably sucks, a lot, but He is our light. at the end of that awful tunnel.

and going a little farther he fell on his face and prayed, saying, "My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will."
[matthew 26:29]

this, and the context keeps going through my head. how did the Father hurt? how much? if i hurt this much when my little sister is having a heck of a time with something, how much did this Father full of love and justice hurt? and want to rescue his son? to hold him? when his son was down here, fully human, in. pain. so much that he was sweating, crying blood.
it makes me weep.
all of it.


Samantha said...

I truly love your jean skirt!

Paige's Page said...

Actually it was me, Paige who posted that comment!

Bon Bon said...

I love all the little life things you enjoyed:-) Bummer about sickness though! Not a fun part of life at all! xoxo

Natalie said...

"Front of the Class" ...Such a good movie =D

heart like mine said...

lovely, lovely post. "times" is probably one of my all-time favorite songs.

can't wait to read your guest post!