Monday, August 29, 2011

artistic endeavors: cream in my coffee.

have you ever tried layering toasted bread, mayo, pepperjack cheese, 3 slices of ham, and lettuce?
well, it's been my latest obsession snack.
and no, i didn't get a picture of it... i was too busy eating it.

this morning i was painting.
big news there, right?
well, there i was, squeezing white acrylic paint onto a plastic container cover . . . and lyd walked in.
we don't live on a farm.
we have, in fact, borrowed a few chickens from dad's cousin . . . we had them when they were chicks, then he took them; the roosters and some chickens got butchered [hello, freezer], and some are left alive. heh.
i could never be a farmer's wife.
i get attached to things. even, slightly, to animals, should the opportunity present itself and a semi-cute being.

chicks are cute.
the end.
no, not the end.
i'm here to post a painting.... right? :)
say toodles to miss dot. er...miss puffy.
i can't keep them straight. lyddie knows who's who.
i ran across some inspiration for the basis here.
stinkin' cute. i'm going to buy that someday.

i don't know what to think of this. it's so dang quirky, and i imagine him speaking in a british accent.
um...this cracks me up.
abandoned stache is a pretty darn talented lady. oh, and what do you know, her name is rebecca too. different spelling, who cares. ;)

and this, i love the shading and colors and what it represents.
[this march at a conference.]
well . . . the rest of this day holds for me:
music practice . . . [guitar and mic for me; drums for ben; bass for caleb]
bible study with anna and our friend anna . . .
hanging out at, maybe, starbucks afterwards, because in a week or so, our friend anna is off to a one-year bible college.

plus. this day is gorgeous.
what more could you ask for in a day . . .

. . . give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
[1 thessalonians 5:18]


Rachel said...

the owl needs a name like Fitzherbert or Whinthrop.

Natalie said...

OooO! I love your latest painting =D

Christina said...

Cute saying on the painting. :)
Yes the owl...makes me want to speak with a British accent myself.

chambanachik said...

The picture of her holding that chicken is awesome. :)

My mom has a farm, out in the Oregon countryside, and she has lots of chickens, turkeys, etc. Lydia would fit right in!

Melissa said...

Love the coffee painting! and I like chicks when they are little and yellow not so much when they get big...but my in laws are farmers and justins grandma has always gotten attached to the cows and even names them and when they are sent to be butchered she always cries...I think she has stopped naming them.

charla beth said...

oh my goodness, those baby chicks are the sweeeeetest thing. i know what you mean about being a farmers wife and getting attached. ;) i mean, how could you not get attached to those little babies!

and i loooove your newest love love. i think it's better than the one that gave you your inspiration, but that's just me. :)

hahaha, that owl is so cute, i can't get over him! and i definitely laughed out loud at that mustache one too. those pieces are just way too fun and different not to love.

and those pictures? of your day? my gosh, it makes me want to be right there. so gorgeous.

agh, this post is just wonderful, darling <3

Felipe Neumann said...

Would buy that painting, as I have already stated previously haha
Dang international shipping!
Loved every single painting of yours I've seen around here.
Keep 'em coming!