Saturday, August 27, 2011

that's not a sigh.

i sighed.
little david, wrapped in a beach towel and arranging small dots of purple and green on a math game, shakes his head. "are you tired? because i hear you puffing and puffing over there." he's dad's cousin's son, and quite an amusing chap. heheh.
i look at mom. she's cracking up, holding it in because he's so serious.

"really? no, david, did you know, that's called a sigh." i demonstrated again. "see, that's a sigh."
he doesn't spare me even a glance. "nope. that's not a sigh. that's puffing, my lady."
ah, now isn't that unique.
he's such a corker.
now i'm cracking up.
from reading this and this... i've got thoughts running around upstairs.
maybe i'll write them sometime.

on another note, this ^^ is just crazy. i hope and pray for everyone's safety over there.
hopefully sometime soon i'll get my writing mojo on . . . i've been feeling pretty blank lately, especially when i have the thought of hmm, what should i write for my next post? i should probably just let myself go and write up a storm of nothingness in a word document or something . . . run my thoughts and reach for a random idea of purpose.


Rachel said...

That puffing, my lady.

I cracked up.

Anonymous said...

I think this post of yours is the equivalent of my "being demanding" post, A.K.A. the post about my gay friend - I'm cracking up! lol

*Lizzie* said...

Hey! :) Just so you know, I wrote a comment on your last post ;)