Wednesday, August 10, 2011

beautiful mornings, picture overload, and trust.

this was how our day started.
well, by the time i was up at 8, anyways.
one really good memory from today: half a pot of freshly brewed coffee --heck yes, the trader joe's italian roast-- all to myself in a quiet house. we're not early bird types. we really aren't. so, this socially busy week + somewhat early mornings = the very thought of vacation and lots of van time is tiring. 
me? psh.
this is me after that half a pot of
italian roast all to myself
plus a cup of 8o'clock italian roast.
for the record, i much prefer tj's over 8's.

i've snagged quite a few pictures today, so here comes a slideshow.
i don't have much to say today tonight.
not much at all.
[with all i wrote yesterday about the boy's funeral, i'm really empty considering more funeral talk for my aunt's today. it was really hard to see my uncle and their two adult children talking at the church and breaking down....oh dear.]
another early morning tomorrow, seeing friends we haven't seen since 8 years ago [do the math; i was 12. holy crap that's a long time.] laundry to do, packing to have fun with, and who knows what else. this week has been crazy. seriously crazy.

your mind is somewhat like a seesaw. 
as your trust in Me goes up, 
fear and worry automatically go down. 
time spent with Me not only increases your trust; 
it also helps you discern what is important and what is not.
[Jesus calling; sarah young]


Natalie said...

You didn't become hard-core coffee addict until 17?! I think I started in middle school =D Although, I don't think I'm really all that hard core as much as a coffee snob, because I'm ridiculously choosy about what brand I'll buy. And I keep it to one or two cups a day.

charla beth said...

that second picture is SO cute--and that caption made me laugh out loud! love it.

and those tree pictures in your slideshow are just lovely.

i'm sorry about your auntie, beka. :/ must've been kind of a rough day...hope your family is holding up okay.