Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tree. and triangle. funerals. and thankfulness.

the yoga tree pose has got to be one of my favorites.
besides, you know, the triangle --which i was doing the other night [this post has been stuck in draft for a month], in the first and very boring [utterly inactive] game of volleyball with the fam.
it was a random bonus that i was wearing yoga clothes that night.
even though yoga clothes aren't necessarily suggested for playing volleyball in humid conditions....that's way beside the point. ;)

so, the way abc of yoga says to go into the triangle pose, i don't do it that way. :P

this is my favorite yoga picture, though. ^^ love the brick wall.

this site: abc of yoga--has the best instructions to assume the pose.
Yoga Video Tree Pose - Vrksasana
of course, i look just like this when i do it.
actually, i looked like jeans and purple-and-green tank tops and messy ponytail with a mug of french roast in one hand, poser in the other.

it's a very relaxing pose, i say.
this is the best picture yoga had. i think i'm going to go do it again. and read a book . . . or something.

so. onto present-day happenings.
we just got back from a funeral.
we've got another one to go to, tomorrow.
today's was a little boy --8yrs old-- who died last week, after a couple years of battling brain [stem?] cancer.
tomorrow's funeral, the wife of one of dad's older brothers. complications with circulation and diabetes. it's sad.

three funerals in less than three months.
i don't like funerals.
but, as callous as this may sound, they're easier to attend if you didn't live with and care for them and make close family memories and see them in their bed for the last time and watch them, already gone, be taken out of the house by the funeral director.
to much information?
it's just easier when you haven't done all the above with/for them.
but it's pretty heart wrecking when it's a child's funeral, no matter how close you are to the family.

dad holding eliyah [justin and sarah's first]

music and picture slideshows . . . that's what gets to me.
it was a beautiful day out today.
i brought my camera to the graveside service.
darling sons of a friend, all done up in suits.

balloons were given out, and it was amazing, watching them all float up in the wind, drifting far far away.
because the boy's dad is [or has been] in the service, there were several of his friends there in uniform also.
i've never been to a funeral [in real life] with so many men in uniform. it's something i've only read about or seen on t.v. weird concept, yes?
now, since you know i couldn't go a post without a slideshow . . .
i'm very thankful God made us with two feet.
it's a wonderful thing to walk on two feet.
not the best experience to only be able to hop on one.
so . . . be thankful for your good-working feet.
weird thankfulness rant: over. :)

i'm thankful for siblings who randomly sing catchy oldies like "a guy is a guy" on the way home from funerals.
i'm thankful for freshly-brewed italian roast coffee by trader joe's.
i'm thankful for tonight --time with girlfriends of all ages.
i'm thankful for the chance to rip my wallet painfully open to have a chance to listen to josh groban, live.
i'm thankful for my nikon, and all the memories i captured at the funeral today.

on another note, i have no idea yet what i'm wearing to said josh groban concert. maybe that blue shabby apple one . . . .


charla beth said...

gosh, so sad to see such a tiny casket :/ it seems like death is all around these days--it hurts to fathom.

on another note, i hope you had a LIFE-CHANGING time at the concert last night! i saw josh groban a few years back and his voice was stuck in my head for days after. :)

chambanachik said...

Wow. I honestly don't think I could go to it.