Saturday, August 13, 2011

corn chowder.

is this a familiar scene, or what?
one of the last times i made corn chowder, is was october of last year.
hah, yes. you read that right.
anyhow, it's pretty simple. different stuff to prepare, but simple nonetheless.
i love the k5 by cold steel.
on another note, at a stop light earlier i spied an interesting license plate.
it said "3 random numbers FTW".
what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
well, my first thought was: acronym!!
my second thought: i wonder if the person asked for those specific letters, etcetera, or if that's a coincidence.
these are the things you should ponder at a stop light.
these past 2 days and today we've been having the most splendid weather. ever.
yesterday? nearly felt like fall: super cool. breezy.

bright blue skies.
sun glow through leaves.

bright orange sunset.
ben harvested our 300+ bulbs of garlic from the garden the other day.
you forget how awesome it is to have self-grown stuff at the ready; eggs from friends, homemade butter in the winter that eventually runs out, garlic from the garden.... eggs and butter go fast around here. heh.

so. dice up a few onions.
and a head of celery.

fry yourself a pound or two of bacon...
corn chowder. this looks like a decent, simple recipe like the one i loosely follow.
big exception: we use fresh sweet corn, cooked and frozen from the summer before, and that has beautiful flavor. but not everyone has sweet corn that's so good. ;)

happy sigh.

just because i don't prefer a very chunky chowder, i blend some of the corn with the creamy pre-corn-and-bacon stuff.
it should look something like this ^^ when you're done and serve it up. haha:) remember to hold out on mixing the bacon in until the very end, before you serve it up. kidding. as long as it tastes good to you, who cares if it looks gourmet or not. that's my take, anyways.


jessicajane said...

yum. Seriously. I wish you were my neighbor! Haha. And def agree with the sweet corn thing. I went to buy sweet corn here in CA and it just isn't as good! I asked the produce guy where it was from and he couldn't tell me. Oh welll...

charla beth said...

mmm, looks delish. and anything with bacon in it has to be good ;)

and the picture of the sun peeking through those leaves and that sunset? just glorious.

Whitney said...

ohmygoodness that looks simply divine. I am literally drooling now..