Wednesday, August 24, 2011

search words, and my blog found on the net.

once i saw someone had googled "miraclesdontbreakthelawsofnature", i had to do so myself.
this is what i found.

brand new espresso colors tv/plasma stands.
under "blogs new espresso" you'll find a link to one of my posts mentioning espresso. heh. creative photography.
links to one of my art posts.
someone searched for anna rach? well. i've got that covered easy-peasy. older sister: anna. one of my younger sisters: rach. it linked to one of my life rambles.

now . . . the top search keywords:)
carnival photo shoot   
dear god make me a bird tattoo   
aura joon   
me on the swing   
photoshoot at the carnival   
tempurpedic people in ads   
underoath tattoos   
blueprints on how to build a branch bookshelf   
chicken curry rice naan

black yoga pants
freckles [see below picture. heh.]
hillsong united tattoos
books coffee laptop bible
i don't tan...
i do freckles.freckles.freckles!
and a birthmark.

and . . .
i'm off to brew a pot of coffee. anodyne coffee sounds pretty awesome. it's dark enough a roast that it doesn't have me jittery, freaking, and bouncing off the walls inside that caribou's morning blend had me a few months ago; and this coffee is smooth. there are some coffees that practically punch you in the mouth, and that's not a nice way to wake up if you have the luxury of drinking coffee every morning. 8 o'clock have a relationship like that, so i cut it off. it wasn't charming enough for me, even though it was a few dollars easier on the wallet. :P
it's a warm, muggy day. hopefully the last of the season, as it's almost september. one can hope, right? i fall in love with autumn weather every year. the metaphors that spring up in my head from seeing nature transform again in front of my eyes. the golden turning of the leaves. the breeze and the rainy days. the . . . everything.

mom met a lady up north, an owner of a shop that loves art and all that, and the lady actually lives down here, not far from our area. weird, huh? well, last night a few of us stayed up pretty darn late [me? 3am] finishing a couple paintings, typing up a list and details of the art, etcetera. this morning, at around 5:30am, the lady came and picked up 7 of my canvases, some of rach's flower hair accessories, ben's pens, and mom's knitted things... to take up to her shop and hopefully sell. :)
so! that's something new and interesting. 
monday, anna and i met heath and steph at a coffee shop for a few hours. [and derek --heather's boyfriend-- stopped by for a while, too.]
i was starving from having one of those random days of only drinking coffee. . . .
wait. i may have had fettucine with fresh garden tomatoes and basil. yeah. true.
but a bit of pasta and fresh veggies? er...not exactly a stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal.
so there i went to the counter, to purchase a plain bagel with garden cream cheese and a stick with grapes on it . . . and, after that, with my last dollar or so, a medium alterra coffee. as i always say, if you're near to being broke, spend it on the things you love the most. ;)
that says it all.
and for history's sake, a picture of steph and heath. :) listed by the visual, not chronologically. if you cared.
i took these on the way home, monday.

Patience is the companion of wisdom.
[Saint Augustine]


Rachel said...

This post was beyond charming.

I love reading my search keywords. They can be so strange and so beautiful and so entirely off the wall that it makes me look at my blog with a small portion of fear.

Marisa Hopkins said...

Aw, super cute freckles!! Sadly, I tan - I'd MUCH rather have freckles!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have the tan gene, I get color variations from white to absurdly red though... that's something already, ha!

I love the pictures, you are oh so very talented Beka, your artsy self makes me smile. (:

chambanachik said...

Good luck on the canvasses! That's awesome!

As for tanning...I have to get burnt to a crisp before any sort of tan appears. :/