Sunday, August 7, 2011

don't swing on the swing you have premonitions against.

my ankle hurts.
picture this swing, but me with short hair talking on the cell with my dear friend pj.
next scene: me on the ground, inner left ankle bruised and scraped by either the swing or the broken limb or both, and me nearly hyperventilating.
pj witnessed it all via cell.
how lucky is she.
and just the other day, i heard anna telling ben to take the swing down . . . could've been avoidable. dangit.

this picture made me cry.
and suddenly. i miss gram a lot. the very much alive, sparkling, humorous, gram.
gram would love this decaf coffee i just brewed. i can almost see her impish smile at the mention of it.
what? coffee at 9:58pm . . . psh, normal. well, if it's decaf. but it's required for comfort. it just is.
ankle comfort . . . missing loved ones comfort . . . i dunno.
this is just a post to remember when i'm old.
random life stuff before i post a recipe.
in other news, i'm going into episode 4 of white collar and i'm thoroughly gone. hook line and sinker. i love this show. and i do believe that i'm one of the last people out of everyone i know to join in the love of it. sigh. better late than never;)

how's your week going? did you do anything good or interesting or exciting or bad or lazy on this lovely sunday? the weather was lovely, that's what i'm sure of.


Dana B. said...

Yes, I did! Something unusual. The hubby and I had a date at A MALL... He hates malls! We just walked around and had lunch to get out of the (full) house and spend time together :)

I love your love of coffee :) and I share it! Drinking my morning cup right now (my mom's visiting so I've switched from my favorite Verona to her favorite Dalmayr for a while).

Have a good start of the week!

charla beth said...

i love how you are just so honest about the everyday moments of your life; about falling off swings and missing your gram. i do hope both your ankle and your heart are feeling better today. :)

chambanachik said...

Hope you feel better after that tumble!

I love that picture of you two.

And like I said on FB, so glad you're getting into White Collar. So classy, so good. The season finale (this season) is tomorrow night, and I'm pretty dang excited.