Monday, August 8, 2011

spaghetti with artichokes.

just so ya know, this was good.
butter + onions + mushrooms = goodness. well, after they've been sauteing for a while.

push play on some lovely music. i never cook without music. ever. :)

the sometimes unexpectedly perfect place for unexpected music finds.

a walk . . . almost sunset time.

wow, this was a long time ago. 2 months....not so long. but then again, yes.
the last two--photos i took with ben's cell while i was on a walk, after talking to pj.
i made this recipe back around july 10. it feels like more time has passed than the reality.
the recipe link: 
spaghetti with artichoke hearts and tomatoes: by the pioneer woman.

and by the way:
in which i explain how to change your mind in just five easy steps: by emerging mummy.
um, so good. fascinating.
when i grow up, i'm going to be an old woman.

this is how i spent my saturday night. great, huh? white collar and lindt chocolates and decaf coffee. no joke.
anybody jealous?? ;) this is not everyday.
the foot and how i'm doing . . .
mostly, i've been hopping everywhere in the house. right leg only. hopping, or sitting. mostly sitting, because hopping gets tiring. you can imagine. around lunch, the family was teasing me about different places i wouldn't be able to go, or go there hopping.
take the josh groban concert tomorrow night. i really hope i'll at least be able to walk slowly on my left foot. who knows, though. ben joked that i should go in a wheel chair. i'm not doing that. i told dad that maybe, with all my hopping, josh will notice little invalid me. he just shook his head and said josh was too old for me. my protest? 30 [or whatever he is] isn't that old if you're over 18 . . . ;)
as i told erika, if feeling better is taking some half-hearted, super-slow steps on it to cross the kitchen so i won't starve, i'm feeling a wee bit better. ;)
go check out my sister anna's doula site. she loves seeing spikes in the stats. ;) guess who made her the button? ;)
it's been a pretty boring day for me; hope you're having a grand monday night.
now onto more white collar.


Oh Mandie said...

mmm I love artichokes! I'll have to try this recipe sometime :)

chambanachik said...

I love Alexi Murdoch, and this makes me want spaghetti- dang it!!!

charla beth said...

oh. em. geeeee, that spaghetti looks phenomenal. definitely making that this week!

p.s. that "when i grow up" post was wonderful.