Friday, August 5, 2011

artistic endeavors: days of miracle and wonder.

it's about time to post another canvas. i need to catch up, because i'm painting again today.
this was a commissioned piece.
for dear erika and sky.
over the course of july 5, 6 and 7.

this post: when i grow up
makes me think.
some people make life into steps, into sections and important things needed for living, for a life.
then, some people just talk about the top 5 or choose a number.
the things we do for love, for fascination, for caring, for being us, for making a difference, for hope, for others.
which way are we living?
which way are we making this life molded around?
just some of my thoughts lately, while reading stuff on
unschooling: unschooling beyond highschool. learning what they want, when they want.
birth: elliotte's vbac birth story, three birds.
the kingdom and Christ's followers: in which i know your calling and mine.
love this post. so much. ^^

yesterday was full.
farmer's market with sarah, eliyah, zechariah; anna nannying sam and reese; rach, mum and me.
lunch at a seasonal, fresh, good quality place with bright, creative interiors.
a nap.
making cinnamon chip scones.
swing dance lesson from 8-9pm. learning moves and the names and just practicing with rotating partners helps a lot, i must say.
open floor swing dancing from 9-11pm. i love the music. love. love. love. and conversations with random people [like an architect who used to sail in chicago on the lake] while dancing. while on the sidelines. dancing again. and scones with anna, our friend anna, and martha, on the way home. [we won't get to go for the next 2 weeks. busy, busy.]
home by 12:30am.
talking till 2 with anna.
waking at 7:30am, showering, dressing, and crashing on the couch until 1pm.
i never do that, by the way.
this is one of the oddest days of my life, sleep-wise.
painting a quote i have yet to decide on.
she & him and imogen heap music.
the thing is . . . everyone wants a life of meaning.
we want our life to mean something.
but life --a meaningful one-- looks a little bit different for every single person.
that's how it is, or should be.
The litmus test of our love for God is our love of neighbor.
[Brennan Manning] 

another word: fulfilling.
we all love the feeling of being fulfilled . . . there are small circumstance, large ones, and then there are the ones that we stumble upon, or discover through someone else. we didn't even know that was there. and suddenly we're delving into it.

sammi girl and me, at the farmer's market yesterday.
we are all learning, through different seasons either here or, unbeknownst to us, in our future; to diligently seek to live more than breathing; to live deeper than materialistic or hierarchy-driven goals; to step into the places that seem too simple but are thick with what we need.


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Bethany said...

That canvas is beautiful! Out of curiosity, how many do you paint each month (week)?

charla beth said...

this post is incredible, love. what you wrote about being fulfilled made me breathe deep.

and it sounds like you had an incredible day last thursday...farmer's market and scones and dancing = close to perfection. ;)