Wednesday, August 10, 2011

here i sit at 12:20a.m.

basking in the afterglow of my first and probably only josh groban concert.
it was good.
i savored the whole thing that josh & co. made.
this is the only tangible outside-of-our-brains memory we have of inside the building.
short [status] version: josh groban & company were veryveryvery good.
a wonderfee time was had by all . . .
except for my poor baby [nikon] which had to be walked back to the van with steph and hers. darn people won't let "professional" cameras in. sigh.
good thing we have brains to remember things. and hands to write things down. :) 
sweet, huh? 9 seconds? sent from anna's cell to my email. sigh. too bad her cell won't send any file over 9 seconds long. it's "too large of a file". :P sucker.
so yeah, i didn't get to bring in my nikon. neither did steph. we walked all the way back outside, over to the parking building, up 4 flights of steps, to the van, do our business and lock it, down 4 more flights of steps [the elevators were either broken or full, and frankly, elevators scare me. especially if they're not in a place i know.] . . . back around inside the building, and finally to the level our seats were.
big adventure.
i ranted for quite a while on the unfairness of not being able to bring my baby in, with many many mentions of the phrase "that. really. sucks." by the time i felt i was done ranting, it was quite a while; steph witnessed it all.

the whole thing was beautiful.
almost . . . pretty much  . . . kinda worth the $100ish i paid for the ticket.
but darnit, i could've gotten a lot of good pictures; we had great seats.
heavy sigh.
i played with my shutter speeds on the S setting on the trip there.

on the other hand, i nearly fell asleep with my head in rachel's lap on the long drive home.
and here's what josh had to say about it all:
"Milwaukee, you just feel right. I met a crying baby, a laughing professor, Borat, and a whole lotta nice Wisconsin folks. Win!"
i couldn't resist a photo i found of his on facebook. it's a lovely picture, you have to say.
i can't predict how long i shall be bummed about not getting to take pictures. :(
i need sleep.
and i'm very much looking forward to that first cup of coffee [italian roast by trader joe's] after the rude alarm and waking shower.
another funeral tomorrow--the aunt's.
also, i should mention i'm quite proud of my left ankle for holding up so nicely today. hardly any pain. but i'm not about to start sprinting or give it a good, hard, every-angle turn. nopity-nope.
may you all be sleeping well at this point in time. ;)

and now it's 1:17am. Lord help me.


LeAnna said...

Oh, I bet that was just too much fun! Minus the walking the camera back to the car thing. Did you try to hide it in your purse?!?! ;)

Natalie said...

Sorry you didn't get to take your camera in. I can imagine how bummed that probably made you, but it's still awesome that you got pretty good seats, right? =)