Wednesday, August 31, 2011

music and stress. [all the in the same title! no way!]

oh for goodness' sake.
today's been a flippin' busy number.
i'm nearly ready for this week to be over.
my throat and vocal chords just ache thinking about today, and the next few days ahead.
[we sing on a small stage at the fair --our 6th year, i do believe-- friday for an hour and a half, therefore we've been practicing. yep.]
on the upside, tomorrow afternoon we're getting together with heather, derek, steph, casey, and a few others for dinner and/or hanging out at the county fair.
i fell asleep for a couple minutes in church tonight.
we're running out of coffee.
special run to the grocery: coming soon. :)
i might actually go to bed before midnight tonight.
i always get my second wind around 9:30-10pm . . . darn. it's hard to resist that, let me tell you.
today, we practiced. then rach and i walked to the county fair [a good several blocks. in noontime sun. have i told you about me and the sun? me and it, we're not friends.] . . . hung out with lovely little friends under a tent, hung out with older lovely friends after that, and i walked home alone in the 4pm sun. practiced at 5. went to church before 6. home by 9. interesting day. good, but interesting. as i said, i'm about ready for this week to be over.
but . . .
last evening, i made french press coffee for the first time. yes! another good thing in my life. ;)
ground trader joe's italian roast beans nice and coarse.
put that in the french press a lovely friend [hanna!] sent me . . . :)
and i even made a video of it.
just goes to show you, how nerdy i am about coffee.
that, and the fact that the other day, i unexpectedly got really excited when i saw just the thumbnail picture of erika's coffee maker and mug in my blogger dashboard . . .
just thinking about her post makes me smile. and feel a bit less tired.
so, yes.
this is the post with the short, packed description of why i didn't post yesterday.
we saw these cuties, their siblings and their mama, bobbi, for lunch and hanging out.
when we got home, we set off pretty soon after that again --some of us, for the church softball game, either watching it or playing in it; me, to get my hair did, as it was getting long un-spikable; anna, to an interview with a lady who was interested in having her at her birth as a doula.
because the place was booked for hairdo's, it was 6pm and i waited at starbucks with a small coffee and The Help, trying to work toward finishing it, until 7:20ish when i walked through a darkening night and mist coming down.
once again, i'm back to spiking my hair. i'm happy. :)
we just need a fresh supply of coffee in the house, then life will be over-abundantly joyous....just maybe. :)
right now: writing a good friend on facebook and getting timely replies is brightening my night.
oh, and this song.
finally! a new song. and one by ingrid, which is even better. horrid of me to say, probably, but i've never heard this song by her. :)

the end.


Hanna said...

Now I am wishing that I had written a cuter note. Please forgive me. hehe
SO glad you love the press though!

chambanachik said...

Love your little video. :) Too cute.

I've been all about hazulnut creamer lately (I usually have to have some sugar and lots and lots of cream- not because I want to drown out the coffee, but because I really love cream.) It's been awesome.

Whitney said...

haha your little coffee video is too freakin cute!

Felipe Neumann said...

Hahahaha this was definitely vlog inspiring! I now feel like recording myself while I make me some carreteiro! :D that would probably be tricky though... I usually make a lot of mess in the kitchen. lol

charla beth said...

well aren't you the cutest thing on the planet :) ha, that video made me smile so much!

and i've never heard that ingrid song either, but now you've got me falling in love <3 i can't stop listening to it!