Friday, September 16, 2011

artistic endeavors: wildflower cafe. tree mural.

so i painted a mural.
over the course of saturday to monday.
but i should give a hefty dose of credit to my older brother, ben.
he's freaking amazing with paint, walls, and helping in every detail that's needed.
older brothers are wonderful. i'm pretty darn lucky.
7:40-10? primer

sunday: 3:30-5
11-1am tree

birds and tree refinement
 as for the pictures taken next to ben's cell phone at around 12:39am....
so surprised, i was, that i didn't start foaming at the mouth...
the limbs and twigs were about to drive me crazy.
of course, it might've been the hour at which my brain doesn't like
to be doing creative, repetitive, on-demand stuff. hah.
there is three more birds to paint.
but this is it, for now. [see below]

mural: finished. 
besides this writing, my brain is pretty fried for creativity because of all the output of these past few days.
so all you get are pictures. no ponderous, good, inspired writing or anything.
oh, and here's a bit of a mural journal i kept in a random notepad inbetween crazy painting hours.

saturday night:
i will never again be surprised
when something beautiful
doesn't come easy.
{holy crap; totally a quote for everything in life.}

there are some really rowdy people coming out of the bar next door....
and really noisy people making music [uh hard rock?] in an apartment upstairs across the street.
oy. this is what it's like to "live" in town, huh?

beka marie updated her current city to Lucca, Italy. hahahahhaha

tonight: sanding and priming 101 with ben. :) the wall at wildflower cafe is in need.
tomorrow night sometime: the start of the mural.

the world's like a science
and i'm like a secret
and i saw you lingering still...

[she & him]
okay, so it was pretty darn lovely standing in the middle of the most quiet time for a highway, ever. [explanation below:]
i also thought of the notebook...and the dancing in the street....and watching the lights change....
yep. so gonna do that someday.

monday early a.m.:
i think i might have a nightmare of painting a tree sometime.
every time i forget how horrid the experience is.
every. tiny.detail.
dear God.
i could die after this.
i could die when i am 95 and never painted a tree again.
never a mural again.
never.....only canvases.
and only when i want to
what i want to.
i hate people dictating to me.

big adventures happen when you least want or expect it.
1:16am we left wildflower.
but not in the red van.
on foot.
the key broke. heh.
by 1:20-26am, we were home.
by 1:33am, we have biked there and he drove home while i biked home.
i need sleep.
but can i just say, i dominated in the whole walking thing.
i'm conditioned to walk; he's not as much. :D [he prefers biking. lol.]

and thus ends the tale of my first real live mural. ;)


Christina said...

It turned out beautifully! A lot of work though, wow! I hope it's adored by all who go to the cafe. :)

*Lizzie* said...

Oh my! That wall you painted it's so beautiful! You guys did a lovely job!!! The little birds are so cute!! :) :)

chambanachik said...

Love the journaling. :) It's such a beautiful mural!

Felipe Neumann said...

It sucks that you can't paint my walls. lol
Nice painting! Cracked up with the journal notes hahaha

Alana said...

Love it!!! The birds are perfection.

charla beth said...

miss beka: that mural turned out absolutely gorgeous. i can understand how you could start going crazy after a while, by my my my, the results turned out beautifully. so exciting that your art gets to be displayed for the whole world to see! <3 you are mighty talented, dear friend.