Sunday, September 18, 2011

vegan fettucine. and life.

it's one of those drowsy sundays.
rainy. chilly. beginning of fall.
lately: life's been life.

[picture above and below: taken by rachel on wednesday:]
i'm on page 4 of black. reading it with a friend. :)                                   
also, skim-reading this book by john van epp. i cannot for the life of me remember which blogger mentioned it in one of her posts . . . but i thought it sounded interesting enough, and indeed, he does have some very interesting points to make.

i . . . just brewed some coffee. a breakfast blend, even though i woke up hours ago, have been to church, held that sweet zechariah, sung this song with my sister anna, went to a family-like potluck. fell asleep on the 40 minute drive home. sleeping on a rainy day is a bad idea for me; i wake up feeling weird, disoriented, and just weird.
random songs by iron and wine are playing now, and i'm . . . reading different stuff and writing thoughts about children and God and dreams. it's not as me-centered as that sounds.
i just love realizing how, after reading different sites and everything, most of my thoughts toward men/women and children and ideas of life would be considered labeled ______ by some people. feministic, by some. conservative, by others. but even that some people would look down on me for my thoughts and views, and judge me and try to change it all . . . it leaves me feeling very unsettled about what they're inadvertently or purposefully labeled, themselves. especially if i know they believe in, say, the same God as i do. because then we come down to the beliefs we fence Him in with; our perceptions; the boxes we've created over time and we think He lives in them. mhmm. right. the resurrected son of God doesn't live in any box we create full of our ideas mixed with a bit of His simple piercing truth, complicated by our pride and confusion.
vegan fettucine
8 cloves of garlic [minced]
saute in water until green.
1 can of coconut milk
3/4 tsp pepper
3/4 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp salt
4 squeezes of fresh lemon
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
cook until it thickens a bit.
serve on fettucine or spaghetti :)
and . . . enjoy!
surprisingly, yes, we all love this.
it's just a key thing to have it right then, hot and fresh.
it starts to taste not-too-stellar when it gets lukewarm.

ah, this mozzie quote makes me miss white collar.
the second season should be coming in at the library any day now . . .

love is a temporary madness,it erupts like an earthquake and then subsides.
paranoia is a skill, the secret to longevity.
ohhh my....make me laugh. his delivery of these quotes really does make them.
what's going on with your sunday? your week? :)

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charla beth said...

i so enjoyed reading this...your talk about dreams and children and God boxes. i love your thoughts.

and that "labeling" stuff is hard. but of course i know that's why we're supposed to find our identity in One Solid Place. it doesn't mean its easy, but at least we always know there's some place to rest.

love you, sweet thing.