Saturday, September 3, 2011

part 1: august vaca.

this was a long time coming.
friday august 12
heading out . . . nice, long 5-hour drive.
let me tell you, drives go way faster and on one gets on anybody's nerves [hey. over a small amount of time, a van gets to be close quarters.] when you're all watching the first season of white collar.

heck yes.
me and anna had seen it all . . . but we still quite enjoyed it. :)

so, friday night we arrived at gramma shirley's house.
she's one of grammy's nieces. she's super sweet.
we've gone up to her house by the river most summers. [sadly, her husband, papa stan, died 4 years ago. :(]
lots of good memories of fishing, pontoon boat rides, hugs, fish fries and lots of homemade onion rings . . .
so, saturday we woke up and just . . . kinda . . . lazed around.
anna and i stayed home while the rest of the family went on an errand with gramma shirley . . .

we made vegetarian tacos, and i found the shop around the corner amidst the many, many channels.
we ventured out to the pier, and anna took pictures of the sky . . . and me . . . my imagination takes over sometimes when i'm near bodies of water . . . and quite irrationally, at that.
soon enough, it rained. and rained, and rained.
it poured for a good 10 minutes.
then it finished.
caleb and rach went out on the paddle boat. heh. those two are hilarious.
anna and i played the card game garbage with gramma shirley, and saw hummingbirds come to the sugar feeder just outside the dining room window.
lyddie named him mr. hummer.

after some really good pizza, we had the most beautiful sunset ever, out on the river.
i posed with an old fashioned gun. [no bullets . . . i don't think. heh.]
then, gramma shirley was craving some v8 juice, and because me and rachel were trying it too, she got out the, er, fancy glasses. to do it right. heheh. :)
ah, talk about memories . . .

and thus commences the first part of the vacation posts.
i figured i better get on it, or it'll never see the light of my blog. ever. :)
btw, this was when i had some really lovely guest bloggers post here.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful, lovely place miss Beka!

Reminds me of my grandma's farm... and the sheeps, and the horses, and the trees and the pond and all that good stuff.

Sigh :)

chambanachik said...

Ah, sounds perfect.

charla beth said...

i'm not gonna lie, i sat through all your slideshows a couple of times. :) so therapeutic...the rain, the water, the sunset and the, you and your family are so darn cute!

it already looks like an incredible vacation; can't wait to read more.