Thursday, September 8, 2011

search words and jason bourne.

when i see "philippines, manila" in my sitemeter, i confess my first thought is: jason bourne.
which . . . by the way . . . it's about time to watch one of those again sometime. :)
you remember the scene with the wall and the broken glass embedded in the top edge? [the ultimatum]
all that jumping through windows?
three times, i do believe. coffee

what do you know . . . it leads to this: artistic endeavors: cream in my coffee.

and someone from bangkok, thailand googled
composition art
and was directed to this: it was about time for another house post.

and now for the list of the most popular search words leading to my blog lately...
there are always a couple of mainstays; take for instance: elenowen.
susan meissner   
coffee bible   
he makes beautiful things out of dust   
dear god make me a bird tattoo   
i like coffee painting   
carnival maternity pictures   
cheryl salem   
cinnamon chip scones recipe taste of home   
ee cummings tattoos

i've been painting quite a bit this week . . . almost time for a few more artistic endeavors posts. :)

and . . . anna and i are going swing dancing tonight with martha! [huge smile] 
[also, our friend anna is in another state for a 1-year bible college. so, we'll miss her there.]


Christina said...

I need to watch the Bourne movies again sometime too! It's been a few days and I liked them.

chambanachik said...

Do you get all your stats just from Google? I can't see as much as you, I don't think...