Monday, September 26, 2011

today's writing of life.

 peach bellini candle? mmmm.

today had so much rain in the first half of the time, i was longing for a pair of wellies, a cute raincoat, and an umbrella.

i skim-read a christa parrish book [watch over me] because i've read it before but i was hankering for a random quick read in the quiet later-morning early-afternoon.
tonight, anna and i went to bible study; we finished up 1 peter and 2 peter, and next week we're starting on philippians. should be good. :)
that was today.
now, it's 11:53pm, i'm tired, and my laundry still needs to finish in the drier. then: sleep. i can't wait.


Natalie said...

lit candles at night... love!

chambanachik said...

wellies and a raincoat sound awesome!