Wednesday, September 14, 2011

people who like my hair cut.

old men like my hair cut the best, i think.
it sounds more awkward than it is [unless you hang out with my older sister anna, who's gorgeous and a wonderful person but can truly bring out some awkward stuff if she's in the mood to tease you, ahem], but it's true.
 that's ma seester. ♥
and i only start to get weirded out about it when anna starts teasing me hardcore about said older men.....
anyhow, she has her fun.
we just got back from singing to some older people at the nursing home up the street.
every second wednesday of the month, at 2pm :)
in the hallway down to the dining room with the piano, there was this lady, half sleeping, half staring at the fishies in the tank. so sad. kind of reminded me of gram, though, in her last few weeks. :\
i admit, i moved straight on, because i didn't want to stand there pondering it and start crying and be late for the people who were waiting for us . . .
there was this new little lady, stella, who sat on the left side. petite, bright, and just cute.
"hello; my name is stella seymour." i shook her small, old hand.
"my name's rebekah," i told her.
gosh, you can't help but smile at her.
"ah, good to meet you." her gaze shifts to stare at the top of my head. "you've got really pretty hair! it looks good on you!"
me: laughing. "why, thank you!"
then, anna's next to me. stella looks at anna. "can i please have a drink of water?"
anna: "uh, sure, i'll go ask."
stella: "well, i think you can find one right in there," she gestures to her right; the kitchen doors are right there. hah.
anna: "hold on. i'll go see." she goes to talk to the activities organizer lady.
then, the lady next to stella leans over. "that girl doesn't work here; she's a singer!"
stella: "oh! my. i didn't know that. i'll make sure to apologize."
oh. my. word. you have no idea how cute she was when she said all that. i wasn't cracking up because i wanted to hear it all, but inside i found it all hilarious and all i could do was smile.

and another lady. her name is jerri, says anna. jerri sat next to stella.
i've written about her before, i swear i have.
she stared at my shirt. it's from c28...and it's got some lyrics from david crowder band's song how he loves.
"ah! my!" she's smiling. then she starts to read it. she's another one who's got her older head screwed on straight, thank God. i love meeting older people like that. "Jesus is jealous for me . . . he loves me like a hurricane. whoa! like a hurricane!" her face and reaction is so comical. "well, boys, stay away!" she laughs.
"most of them do," i assure her, laughing. "pretty much all the bad ones stay away. hahaha."
"ah. that's good."
that lady's so darn sweet.
i want to be like her when i'm old.
please God, let it be so....
me and mr. steinke. hilarious.
then, after mom talked about some scriptures and word pictures, i picked up my acoustic guitar to do a special. earnestly i seek thee. i had to tune the strings up because i haven't played it in a couple bad.
so, as i'm tuning bit by bit and listening to the notes, mr. steinke beckons me, sitting behind miss stella.
"you." he nods. "yes, you. come on over here."
so i'm like huh. has he lost a marble or two since i last saw him? i truly hope not. but really, i don't get called over very often. heh. heh. 
i walk over, with my guitar.
he smiles. "i like your hair!" he states, quite emphatically.
everyone laughs. especially anna and rachel, who were both anticipating who knows what from this grandpa.
"i do; it looks great on you! and also, you should sing a song in alto. it would sound really good with everything else."
"well, i sing whatever works for my voice." i smile.
gosh, so hilarious.

there's nothing like getting a dose of time with old people.
what would the world be without them?
i don't want to know.

p.s. i have all these [mostly library] books to read. er...look through.... :)
black is next. :D


Anonymous said...

I, too, like your haircut miss Beka.
What a cute picture with Mr. Steinke! Hahahaha you look darling!

Old people are awesome... I'll make sure to post some of the funny stuff I went through when I visited my grands last week. :P


Anonymous said...

If you really get to know and be with old people, they really are so cute and sweet. And usually have some pretty interesting life stories!
So funny that he loved your hair =)

chambanachik said...

That is the sweetest. I love that you guys go visit.

I love older people. Full of history and wisdom, and still very full of life.

charla beth said...

this was beyond precious. and i think that's amazing that you and your family go there to bless them <3