Friday, September 2, 2011

hurting fingertips.

it's what you get for cramming practice for 10+ songs into less than a week . . .
then playing for a solid hour or so.
right after we finished, i walked home alone, with the house key in my pocket.
home, home, home.
oh, yes. i solo'd this song. ^^
and yay, my voice didn't go all weak like it did last year... :)
sun shining, muscles aching, and i stopped at the coffee shop for a drink of water and a break in the ac'd atmosphere.
then home, home, home i went.
who knows when the rest of the family will come home, in the vehicle.
i really don't care . . .
i've had a much-needed shower [it was 85-90 outside today], and now in my indian punjammies, i wait for the tea kettle to boil the water for a french press.
and i hear that the family got a deal on some lunchies.
so . . . an italian beef sandwich, mozzarella sticks, and a pina colada fruit slushie is headed my way, soon enough.
sounds good.
but this silence is lovely.
see? the lovely lawn furniture. but this morning wasn't foggy. and the ramp is gone.
oh, and what was even better: going to sleep before 11:30pm; sammi and reese and anna waking me up 10 minutes to 8; having french press coffee [french caramel cream flavor] out on the chairs in the front yard and jesus calling; the sun coming out and a cool breeze before the day warmed up.

happy sigh.

i hope you're all enjoying your friday. :)
what's the best thing about this day for you so far??


chambanachik said...

I feel like I know a rock star. :)

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't I invited to your show? Haha :) That is so nice.
I know what you mean with hurting fingertips... some days I wish I could just buy me new fingers or something, quite honestly lol
The best thing about my day so far... hm... that I'm coming to the synagogue tonight and I'm officially on vacation for a month from today. ;)

charla beth said...

aww, i wish i could've seen you play! any videos, by chance?

sigh--jesus calling and coffee and a nice breeze?--the perfect little way to start the weekend <3

Christina said...

I just thought I'd say that since my last blog post -where I mentioned wanting to be near family- there has been a wonderful turn of events. The day I wrote, it seemed an opportunity was over. I mean, it WAS over at that time. But it became NOT over by Friday! I can't blog all about it right now (b/c of my husband's job not knowing anything yet!). But, we will be much closer to family soon, and I will get to have some real Fall time!