Thursday, September 22, 2011

this afternoon.

do you have any idea how perfect this dress is for swing dancing?
well, it is.
too bad it's from anthropologie and way over $50 no matter where you search online.
anna met a lady at work who was wearing this dress . . . she came home and looked it up.
an ebay seller had an XS dress posted for $88. holy. frickin'. cow.
[crawls into nearest uncrowded corner to sob.]

it's one of those really chilly days.
painting and warm food and hot coffee.
i even woke up to it raining --ever so slightly, so i was planning on going out to sit and drink some coffee in a cozy hoodie, yoga pants, and socks and read books for a long time. no go. rain slows things from happening.
i'm going to see if those chairs are dry. it still sounds like a good idea, even though this will be the third brew of the day . . .
yep. that's the plan.
and....these for dinner.


Natalie said...

Rain, coffee, warm food... sounds like the perfect day to me! And the dress... too cute!

Whitney said...

That dress is divine. Darn you Anthro for making things so expensive =(
A cozy day is a perfect day!