Tuesday, September 27, 2011

jesus having coffee.

that's one very recent search that led to my blog.

via this picture.
to this post: hurting fingertips.

this ending of september has been very moody.
the weather, everything.
so much rain, off and on, and so much cloud cover . . . it's interesting trying to stay off that roller coaster and
choosing to feel bright, find joy in more than the sunshine that's lacking . . .
this picture ^^ is a custom canvas for this lady who contacted me via etsy. :)

but i did succumb to a nap after lunch. and when i woke up, someone had made chocolate chip cookies and i was craving coffee.

and then i was looking at interior design books, which consequently, are full of beauty and sunshine and stimulates my mind.
and this morning i woke up to news that jen is getting closer to having baby cate . . .
any. day. now.
anna and i are all packed up, ready to fly out the door and start the road trip down there.
quite excited, to say the least.
but hey, practicing patience is always a good thing.

i. love. that.
ben is so making it for me someday. :)

well. i'm off to bake something. or something. i don't know.


Natalie said...

Waking to cookies is indeed a good day! =D

Whitney said...

Nap, cookies and coffee. Wish I could have come over =) And design books would definitely make my day cheery... then probably put me in a mood cause I'd be lusting haha

Brooke T. said...

So good to hear a snippet from your lovely life. Looks like you are doing more and more artsy stuff for profit? Neato!

ladaisi said...

How awesome someone should be led to your blog via that phrase!

By the bye, I love the song that pops up on here.

Must go find cookies. Your blog always make me hungry. ;)

ladaisi said...

Maybe when I open my ministry-coffeehouse-thing near DC in a couple years you can come help me get started. Just sayin. You seem to love coffee enough. ;)

Jen said...

Woohoo! Can't wait for you to be here--it's almost too much. :) ANNND now I'm craving a decaff coffee something-or-another...just something coffee. Yummo.

charla beth said...

i'm sorry you're feeling moody these days love :/ those emotional rollercoasters are no fun.

but it made me smile when you said you woke up to cookies and made coffee and read all-kinds-of-happy books. :)

i hope life and moods and all that good stuff evens out soon. i hope you're happy.

miss you girl. i'm sending you an email. <3