Friday, September 9, 2011

sisters. generations. kitchens. :]

slept in, made coffee, started sauteing minced onions and garlic, and flew out the door to make dilly beans with gramma t [dad's mom] and her sister, aunt joann.
turns out aunt joann is younger than gramma t by around 13 years.
imagine that!!
and, since aunt joann seems to like flavored coffee, i brought over the last of our french caramel cream coffee . . . we sipped it as we did the beans; we take it the same way. just a bit of milk. no sugar, no thanks. :)

lyddie and one of gramma's younger brothers, uncle eugene. :)
that's a goose-pepper stick in lyd's mouth, acting as a cigar. stranger things have happened.
in fact, you can quote her.
"there's nothing like a cigar and a hot cup of fresh coffee after a hard day's work."
um. er. yes. we've got a drama queen on our hands.
no joke, right?
for some reason, this shot reminds me of clark gable for some reason . . .
which is kind of an odd thought, when i type it out like that.
10 year old sister + resemblance to clark gable = odd.
but i love her. and dang, if she can't pull off diverse character imitation.

i'm taking a slight break from making a pretty darn big dinner to write this.
hopefully i won't mismanage my time so awful tonight . . .
but gosh, i need a bit of writing therapy.
i came home from dilly-bean making to a kitchen that looked like hell.
i'm being frank here.
don't shout me down or anything.
it's my blog, after all.
my idea of a personal hell is a room --a nice kitchen-- that is in a perpetual state of
food, kitchens, and people all day and suddenly 13 green peppers to dice; and rice to cook [it takes a long time]; and chicken to cook after it thaws . . . er.
i liked the first half of today.
i like the fact that sometimes, when life gets intense and the only thing keeping you away from a completely bad mood is a certain song by a questionable music artist, God, in His oh-so-goodness, has friends remind you how to smile.
especially when it's an inconsequential problem.
He's just so good like that.
 peeling garlic with a sharp little knife, because i'm just handy like that. :P haha.
[after dinner is made and done . . . and most of the kitchen looking quite decent.]
back to earlier, though.
there's nothing like kitchen conversations.
the best thing about gramma's house is that it sits on top of a hill, the kitchen sink window is huge, and the wind comes right through. it's a beautiful feeling.

gramma t teased aunt joann about having 100-something boyfriends before she met uncle bob...turns out there were only 6 or so. ;) and gramma? she had maybe 2 before she met grampa and married him at 18. he was 4 years older. :)

lyddie; aunt joann; rach; gramma t; me:)
talk about a good time; watching sisters laugh; one in her late 50's, the other in her mid 70's . . . years after being raised in a family with around 10 children [if my memory serves me correctly...heheh.], kids, grandkids, and a couple great-grandkids later: making dilly beans in the kitchen.

"someday this'll be you girls! helping each other in the kitchen when you're all much older. years down the road."

i took off the bean ends with aunt joann and our small, sharp knives, and sorted straight from super-curvy; gramma t, rach, and lyd soaked and stuff the beans into jars. then, we put in some dill; a clove or two of garlic....and some cayenne pepper and more dill seed. next, it was off to the boiling pot with the covers screwed on. :)
gramma t:)
all in all, 40 jars.
my first time helping gramma can anything.
and what a day :)

now for something interesting that a cup of jo posted. :)
fascinating. i want it in slow-motion. :)
for love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith, but the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.
[T. S. Eliot] if i read this a few more times, i might understand it . . .


chambanachik said...

Well, I said I was going to bed, but now I'm glad I stayed up. The pictures are awesome- what a perfect view! Gotta love those fields. I think the jars look so pretty lined up like that, too.

Your personal idea of hell is...well, I thought it was funny. :) Mine probably would have something to do with ironing. HATE IT.

Natalie said...

Looks like so much fun! I love it when there's a kitchen full of women chating away and working =) And the evolution of dance video at the end... Loved it! =D