Monday, September 5, 2011

sin rolls. [aka cinnamon rolls.]

somehow, it's 1:04pm
and i'm taking my first sip of coffee.
somehow, i managed to enjoy this morning
without coffee in me.
but who wouldn't enjoy this??

we bundled up and biked to the county fair for some walking, hanging out with each other and some friends with little kids, and food. [bundled up: read: tank; long sleeve hollister; zip up sweater; jeans; socks; flats; scarf]
$5.50 for a cinnamon roll . . . entrenched with cinnamon and sugar; so warm and beautiful :)

it's so worth it, and sharing is always the best option for justification. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously beka... don't you mean sinn-amon rolls? Those look wickedly delicious....

Blessings. Joe

Rachel said...

those looks AMAZING.

holy crapola, i want one.

also, did you watch truck pulls???? my hubby does that for fun. yay.

chambanachik said...

Now I'm starving!

Natalie said...

One word: YUM. =)