Saturday, September 3, 2011

it's 12:33pm.

and already, this day has turned into my favorite kind.

jazz and big band music playing on the laptop.
green trees outside, soaking up rain.
grass that needs it too.

coffee brewing.
[actually, it's not. that's just my imagination. i brewed some french caramel cream flavored stuff this morning, and now am drinking some of that, chilled, with a bit of milk.]
dear men.
posts like this, that are sappy and over-romanticized.
movies like beastly.
i admit. i'm rolling my eyes quite a bit . . .
i prefer films that are a little less teenager-ish.
call me stuck up. that's a nasty name.
call me . . . a stick in the mud.

book in hand.
ahh. :)

it's raining again.
time to brew that second pot of coffee.
i'm ready for a sniff of pure coffee.
 this morning:) the flowers that heath and derek accidentally left at our house thursday....hehe:)
we've only got flavored in the house.
french caramel cream, and highlander's grogg, by berres brothers.
i guess i shall just be thankful for the lovely source of caffeine and whimsy.
7 scientific ways coffee gives you super powers.
read it and feel good. ;)


LeAnna said...

Baking down here in our last 100 degree day for a week or so, and wishing for a day of rain drops on windows and coffee brewing. Soak it up for me, okie doke? :)

chambanachik said...

Love the mood this set. :) There's currently a thunderstorm here.

Yeah, that post...not a fan. "Fail her" because there needs to be "a villain"? Um, how about love her and treat her better than all the villains out there?

Whatever. ;)

chambanachik said...

Just read the coffee post- awesome!

Alana said...

Well, I'm convinced! Going to brew a pot now. :)

charla beth said...

sigh, i'm so jealous of you right now! i'm longing for the rain and its quiet pitter-patter and socks and books and more reasons to brew a fresh pot of coffee ;)

this post was all kinds of rainy day romantic--love it. <3