Tuesday, September 6, 2011

part 2: august vaca.

. . . also known as part two of the week i realized i need to live by the water someday. huge lake, nice-sized river, or ocean . . . i need to live by the water someday.

it's not simply romanticism.
it's the flipside of the coin of beauty that He made. land: one side. ocean and waters: other side.
[humans are a whole other story; not really a coin. hahah.]
it seems to feed my soul.

saturday or sunday afternoon, we got the speedboat out on the river.
and, for the first time in my life, i went tubing. i can't guarantee i'll ever do so again . . . i don't like the prospect of getting flipped. :P
and now, for charla, here are some pictures that were taken by mum when we went tubing. :)
of course, with my crazy wild imagination issues, i hate seaweed and everything that comes with the dark, unsearchable types of bodies of water . . . especially if i grew up with irrational stories told to me by my two older siblings while we sat in a paddle boat smack dab in the middle of this very river . . . uh. yeah.
as evidence by the slideshow below, this river has a lot of seaweed. :P
august 14, a sunday, we woke up . . . i slept an hour more than i normally do on a sunday [at home: 7am because i have to be there earlier; singing and everything, y'know.] . . . we went to church with gramma shirley. a lovely place where i smiled inside and outside when i saw the greeters and thought of the ones at our church; people i've known since we started going there when i was a baby. people like family.
they even had a sweet library set up outside the sanctuary; a coffee corner with an espresso machine . . . too bad it wasn't open that day. :P hah.

next: monday, the 15th, we left.
and stopped, as tradition [and my camera] calls for, at a lovely place on the rocky shore of lake michigan.
we took pictures, pictures, and more pictures.
i fell in love with the waves.
the wind.
the sunflare i captured.
the frothy edges of waves crashing on my feet.
overall, i'm sure you can see we quite enjoyed our hour or so there. :)
then, back into the van for a few more hours . . .
here are some random ones from rachel's ipod, and nikon camera.
by the way: that tall cliff i'm sitting on? a daddy long leg with a dark red body came walking towards me while i was waiting for a sister to hand me the flip-flops i had forgotten on the lower level.

p.s. a veryveryvery good post by amber: what is your identity? read it!!


chambanachik said...

I haven't been tubing for years! It's a lot of fun, but yeah...I have problems with thinking the seaweed is a snake...or maybe it was a snake, which is probably the grossest thing ever. (Daddy long legs are also super gross.)

But the water is lovely. :)

Dani said...

Bodies of water, yes please. Haha. Looks amazing, hope you had a good time!

charla beth said...

:D so glad you posted those pictures. that first picture, with the bonfire and sunset? wow. i think i got lost in there for a little while. postcard worthy, without a doubt. so many of the other pictures in here were the same, also. it looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

and such a beautiful place! that sunset over the water and the trees...oh! i definitely would not mind going there someday.

p.s. so glad you read that post by amber! it was incredible, wasn't it?

charla beth said...

p.p.s. after seeing the pictures, i know understand why you didn't swim! who knows what kind of creepy crawlies may have been lurking ;)

Natalie said...

I love tubing! But we've never done it on a lake before. We've always done river rafting with rapids to move us along. Looks like you had an awesome time =)