Friday, January 21, 2011

tacos. :)

this was thursday, when anna came over with the kiddos.
reese loved the olives and beans. heh:)
anna lost the recipe, so she went on memory for these tacos she had when she was up north with friends:)
rise, peppers, tomatoes....mexican seasoning, and in another smaller pot, black beans, whatever else you think would be yummy. like mushrooms. ;)
layer it all on a tortilla --first of all, sprinkle cheese on the tortilla if you want, and put that tortilla in a skillet on a good, heated stovetop. melt that cheese. ;) it's amazing done that way. second, black beans. third, rice stuff. fourth, salad on top. it's good to get some big tortillas for this meal, so you can fit it all in (or just be careful in the balance of everything you put in it) and roll it up with one end tucked in.
and quite filling, with the rice and beans. very good, altogether.
we had the leftovers of the taco stuff today for lunch. so good. it's undeniable. :)
this morning, danny saw me opening the bag of mahogany and plugging in the grinder....
he got so excited.
it's not my fault, right?
mmm, okay, it is. but it's not the worst thing to get excited about...and at least he knows he's "too wittle" to drink coffee. ;)
yeah, he sometimes can be kind of adorable. :D
"where camera? take a, a picture of ma toes!" 
ah, i remember the days of wearing footie pajamas.
simple days. hahah.
.... :)
for some reason, after this fun time in the kitchen, later he developed quite the arrogant/fussy attitude. it was exactly the way he gets once his mom is in the house. loud, finicky, fussy, bossy... he had a nap later, but woke up with the same attitude! urgh. usually naps cure him. and he's normally quite easy-going. it's weird. he better not do that tomorrow, because i was getting quite irritated and annoyed at him today. i don't normally get too annoyed at kids, because heck, they're kids! but his behaviour was totally unacceptable.
/rant on moody child behaviour.
waiting for it to brew....he's watching caleb make some apple carrot whatever juice in the juicer. :)
by noontime, i had the kitchen pretty darn good looking. better than it has since last week, truthfully. ;) what can i say? i'm gaining back my reputation for cleanest kitchen of the siblings. hah.

yeah, let's just say it isn't in quite that good shape after dad and anna made salmon patties for dinner with tartar sauce and peas.

A child can teach an adult three things:
to be happy for no reason,
to always be busy with something,
and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.

[Paulo Coelho]

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