Thursday, January 13, 2011

it's this crazy, crazy love.... :) and randomness. my little word.

i just had to make mention of this:) it's a small thing, really, but whatever. :)
this really sweet lady at church gave me these socks (not that i lack socks or anything! hah!) ...she always smiles and thinks it's the funniest thing when i wear socks --colorful ones, yes-- under my pumps on sunday mornings. she was telling me this one time how i can pull off the look, when lots of other women just can't, or aren't that funky to do such a thing:)

that's....kind of a compliment.
to me, anyways.
well, she also said how i reminded her of her daughter --in funky, different, traditional styles and everything, great taste that lady has!-- and how i reminded her of all the girls when she was younger, wearing socks under their pumps, yes, even colored the 30's and 40's. okay, so i'm a sucker for some of the styles back then. :) 
everyone who knows me knows how funky i am.....
and weird. and sometimes creative.

and... and i can't believe that was me last february. i have such blonde hair! ;) in a month today, i'll be 20. weird! oh, and i've ditched eyeliner for mascara since march 2010, too....
nevermind. :P

oh! obsessed with food. yep. no no no, we shall not mention coffee in this post! hahah! 
while i was ironing stuff earlier, i told rachel to make those peanut butter cups....
and to my astonishment, she did.
i've had three.
well, wait. 4 actually. 1 she gave me, and these 3 i got out of the muffin-tin-in-the-freezer all by myself:) 
random note: go check out this lovely blog: words spoken. stalking it will only take 5 minutes of your time, since there's only two pages, but i love the quotes.
hey, nevermind that last crazy picture--
i can't wait--i'm starting to read crazy love by francis chan with a friend of mine.
it's on my book list.
and the videos that go along with it, to discuss it more in depth......they look really good.
actually, they sound really good.
how does knowing God affect our everyday lives?
does it?
it should.
all for love of Him......
am i the last person to post their 'one little word'?? amy did, danielle did, andrea did, how many others did, so i guess i'll say mine now.
this year: learning. definitely learning this year about His wonderful crazy love:) and loving Him back...
last year....growing. um yeah. :] can anyone say, loooong story?? 


ladaisi said...

Well in case I forgot when it's a more appropriate time. . . happy early birthday! Twenty is a good age.

- Lauren

Ladaisi Blog

Cristina said...

I love funky colorful socks too, but I could never pull it off with heels, you on the other hand? super cute!